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(Please call Gautier MS Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 228-497-2486)

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For Gautier MS wildlife removal on skunk, squirrel, bat, armadillo, mole, beaver, raccoon and other dangerous creatures, please call our hotline for Gautier Mississippi. We provide wildlife services like exclusion, trapping, removal, prevention and other wildlife services. Nuisance animals and critters are just some of the common problems called upon by residents and business establishments in Gautier. We have specialists and experts that can deal with specific type of animals so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Gautier MS wildlife removal raccoon squirrel bats skunk armadillo beaver removalWildlife in Gautier MS

Gautier is included within the Pascagoula Mississippi Metro Area, in Jackson County. It lies along the Gulf of Mexico, with most of the community making up resort community. The city has an abundant natural environment with lines of trees, wetlands and bayous, giving Gautier eco-tourism opportunities. The area is made up of mostly land at 12.2 square miles or 95% land. Water makes up 5.19% or 0.7 square miles. Some of nature parks that can be seen in Gautier include Shepard State Park, Bark Park, Bob Hayes Park, Bacot Park and Frasier Park. With the large areas of still undeveloped land, wildlife animals have taken refuge in Gautier.

Gautier MS Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Gautier MS

What are the foods that raccoons in Gautier Mississippi generally like to eat? They are omnivorous, so you can find them gathering fruits and vegetables in gardens or agricultural areas. If plant based food are scarce, the raccoons can also have animal matter. The raccoons often like young and small animals, since they can easily prey upon much smaller species. If you observe them, raccoons would stalk unsuspecting small animals and attack them from behind.

Squirrel Removal in Gautier MS

For tree squirrels in Gautier, they hunt for food sources like nuts, berries and corn. They mostly look for fruits which are palatable and tasteful. However, since not all of these food items are available all the time, the squirrels would sometimes eat young and small animals. They can also eat eggs or even insects if they can’t find enough food. To control entry and intrusions of squirrels, contact one of our specialists today.

Bat Removal in Gautier MS

Bats often seen in Gautier Mississippi can easily frighten children and even adults. Some people have negative connotation of bats. This can be attributed to many factors. For one, bats do appear scary. Bats also become active in the dark, which people associate to bad elements. Bats has been known live reservoir of deadly diseases because of the various pathogens that can mutate from the volume of insects they eat every night. We remove bats in Gautier, call us.

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Other Gautier MS Wildlife Removal Services

Skunk Removal in Gautier MS

If you’ve seldom seen skunks in daytime in Gautier, the reason is that they live as nocturnal creatures. The skunks are actually more active in the evening, though some skunks can be awake up to early hours in the morning at nine to ten a.m. The foul odor emitting animal sometimes wakes up late in the afternoon at four to five p.m. to start searching for food. For skunk removal in Gautier, call our numbers today.

Beaver Removal in Gautier MS

Photo credit: finchlake2000 / Foter / CC BY

Beaver Removal in Gautier MS

An important habit by the wildlife animal beaver is their precision to build their lodge. In Gautier Mississippi, this is common. Also known as beaver’s dams, these are dome like structure made of rocks, stones, mud, twigs, barks and branches. The brown fur animal usually builds a dam on top or across a body of water like a creek, pond or river. This refuge gives the beaver protection from attacking predators.

Armadillo Removal in Gautier MS

The nine band armadillos often found in Gautier Mississippi are a member of the mammalian class and widely spread in distribution in the U.S. It has the distinctive long nose with nine bands and traces its roots to South America and Central America. The nine band armadillo can mostly be seen in southern and central states. The mammal is medium in size and prefers warm climate.

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Critters can bring anxiety giving you and your children sleepless nights. It’s better to remove them immediately. Call us today in Gautier Mississippi.

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