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(Please call Grapevine TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 817-410-8127)

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Let one of our Grapevine TX wildlife removal specialists handle your persisting problems on nuisance animal intrusions. We can deal on different creatures like birds, bobcat, beaver and armadillo. Some animals can be wild and uncontrollable and would need the expertise of a professional. They have the experience, know-how and safety gears in dealing with different situations that may arise. Other animals we frequently receive calls are skunk, possum, snakes, rats, raccoon and squirrel. Call us today if you need an appointment.

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Photo credit: "Gaylord texan 2009" by Larry D. Moore. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “Gaylord texan 2009” by Larry D. Moore. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Grapevine

Grapevine is made up of 32.3 square miles of land, with 3.6 square miles of water (9.9%) water. Located mostly in Tarrant County, it has a Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport’s significant area within its city limits. It was voted in the past in online magazine sites Money and CNN as one of the ‘Best Places to Live in America’. Its history goes way back to 1843. It was named to reflect the wild grapes that can mostly be seen in the place. Grapevine has one of the most extensive running and biking trails in the country, which include Dove Road, Cotton Belt Trail, Parr Park, Meadowmere Park, Oak Grove Park, Bear Creek Park and Rockledge Park. It has an approximately 35 mile of hiking, biking and running trails that connect parks, recreational facilities and communities near Grapevine.

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Bat removal in Grapevine Texas

There are many cases in Texas bats fell sick and this makes them more dangerous to have around at home or an establishment. For the public, it is not advised to touch and handle bats. Sometimes curiosity strikes some people and they hold bats to feel them in their hands. This is common to children who sometimes see bats outdoors. A bat can be seen cling in tree branches, flowers, rocks, benches and poles. Tell your children not to touch the bats. Even the CDC warns the general public, in particular Grapevine residents, from handling bats.

Beaver removal in Grapevine TX

Beavers stay within a range in their territory of less than a mile and do not mix up with other beavers unless it’s winter, their breeding season or there’s animal predator. A group of beaver is actually called ‘colony’. The colony is usually a family of beavers that started as a pair and eventually grew as the animals have off springs. A beaver in Grapevine can start seeking potential mate as soon they reach around two years of age. Beavers sometimes slap their tail into the water as a mating call or warning sign to another beaver.

Armadillo removal in Grapevine

There are reports of armadillos reaching north and eastern ranges like Nebraska and Evansville. The nine banded wildlife creature is mostly seen in the south, where it is in big numbers. However, there are no follow up report of Texas armadillos expanding most notably if winter starts in the northeast region. There are subspecies of armadillos that has similar traits with species found in South America, which can be attributed as proof that North American armadillos hitched a ride from the southern regions and countries.

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Skunk removal in Grapevine Texas

Skunks can easily be drawn to garbage piles, trash cans, food left over and restaurant junks. The skunk by nature would dig in soil to find worms, ants and termites. However, skunks have since learned to adapt in rural areas and city life that it has learned to rummage in garbage areas and back alleys. A skunk may enter a Grapevine establishment if they find an opening in pet door, vent or back door of the kitchen. If a skunk found its way inside a house or building, it might spray its anal glands which have an awful scent.

Bobcat removal in Grapevine TX

The bobcat lives solitary most of the time and would only seek mate during the breeding season in late winter until spring. They are also territorial and would often mark their tracks using their claws and then leaving droppings and urine. Bobcats have home range but they may also overlap with other species. They are fierce predators and like to hunt rabbits, chickens, deer and mice. Call us to remove bobcats in Grapevine.

We also have wildlife professionals for block animal entry, sanitation, home repair, remove animal foul odor. Our wildlife animal trapping also include rats, armadillo, possum, squirrel, bats, snakes, skunk, beaver, birds, raccoon, bobcat and more.

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