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If you need Grass Valley CA bat removal, please call our number for appointment and scheduling. We’re a local bat exclusion company in Grass Valley California. We remove trapped bats or returning bats. We remove the flying mammal permanently from your house or building structure. We also have wildlife removal and wildlife control for other animals, just call us for inquiries.

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Bats in Grass Valley California

Grass Valley CA is made up of mostly land at 4.74 square miles land. It is within the county of Nevada in California with around 795 m in elevation. The place has a very rich history having been known as Boston Ravine, a history that can be traced to the California Gold Rush. Grass Valley has a diverse geography with adjacent Nevada Golf Course, Empire Mine Historic Park and Grass Valley Public Library. In addition, the natural landscape is filled with trees, greens and fields. The abundant nature has been a refuge for several wildlife including bats.

Grass Valley CA Bat Removal Services

Bat exclusion in Grass Valley California

Bat exclusion in Grass Valley California

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Bats can live long from 20-30 years especially for those in forests or conservation areas. Bats near communities and cities can live 5-15 years. Compared to other mammals in Grass Valley, the flying mammals are known to reproduce their young, in small number, throughout their lifetime (1 pup in every 1 to 2 years).

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Grass Valley CA bat control

Bats can establish their roosts not just in mountains, volcanoes or caves, but also in buildings, structures and houses in Grass Valley. California bats, well most of the species, subsists on insects that roam in the evening.

Bat management in Grass Valley

You should always be aware if there are bats roosting in your house. In Grass Valley, a lot of residents failed to detect bats which have formed their roost in attics, ceilings, rooms, chimneys and other unused rooms. Watch out for the wastes of California bats, which can cause the Histoplasma disease, a respiratory illness in humans.

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Some people may think bats can help control insects. However, having bats are as unsanitary in a home as well as even in businesses. If you own a store, restaurant or shop, having bats would not be good for your business. Your customers would turn away for sure if they saw bats flying or hanging on the ceiling of your establishment.

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We are licensed and insured in handling bats and other wildlife nuisance animals in Grass Valley California. Call us now for your schedule.

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