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Moles are small mammals that are classified as insectivores. They are hardly ever seen by humans since they devote most of their lives in underground burrows. The most noticeable physical characteristics of moles are their significantly enlarged forefeet and protruding toenails. These features, along with their strong legs and frictionless furs, enable them to dig their way or “swim” through the soil. Moles that live in their most natural environments cause no significant damage to people.

Grass Valley mole trapping

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However, when their tunneling patterns become apparent in gardens, golf courses, lawns, and landscapes, the urban dwellers who are affected become irritated by these little pesky animals. When such problem arises in your area, be sure to call the right people. Grass Valley mole trapping experts are guaranteed to provide you with the solution that you need.

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Moles usually dig their tunnels in loose earth where they can easily perform their burrowing activities. They prefer soils that are moist and contain abundant food sources, such as earthworms, centipedes, millipedes, and bugs. Moles are efficient diggers. Under favorable soil conditions, they can dig tunnels at a rate of about 1 foot per minute. The burrowing activity of these little creatures, along with their contribution of organic substance in the form of feces, is beneficial to humans as they aerate and mix up the soil restoring it to its good and organic state.

The mole’s deep burrows also enable moisture and other helpful organic matters to permeate deeper into the layers of soil.  However, moles become harmful pests when their lifestyle comes into to conflict with people’s interests. There are times when lawns, golf courses and expensive landscapes get disfigured by mole hills and their surface ridges. During their digging activity, they incidentally damage the bulbs and roots of plants in gardens or agricultural fields. If moles are causing you any intolerable problem, schedule a mole trapping service with the experts of mole trapping in Grass Valley immediately.

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While trapping is the most reliable and practical way to eradicate moles from your property, it is most of the time very challenging. For successful mole trapping, avail of the professional mole trapping Grass Valley can offer right away.

Grass Valley CA Mole Trapping
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