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We provide Green Cove Springs FL wildlife removal services for households, estates and commercial establishments that have persisting problems on wildlife animals. Our team of experts has specialties on different species like coyotes, fox, snakes, bees, wild hogs, squirrels, birds, bats and raccoons. In case, you have a hard time identifying an animal, like a digging animal or rodent like creature, just send us a message.

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Wildlife in Green Cove Springs

Green Cove Springs is comprised of 2.5 square miles of water (25.3%) and 7.4 square miles of land. The place is named from an area in St. Johns River where the river bends. There is a significant shade from trees in the place which perennially has the color green. Also, the river said to have a warm mineral spring in the past which gave the place a local name ‘Original Fountain of Youth’. The city’s development was made by George E. Clarke in 1816. It officially became Green Cove Springs in 1866, as it later became the county seat of Clay County in 1871. The city has five parks and recreational areas for residents and visitors. These are City Pier, Spring Park, Augusta Savage Friendship Park, Thomas Hogan’s Memorial Gym and City Pool.

Green Cove Springs FL wildlife removal

Raccoon removal in Green Cove Springs Florida

The home range of a raccoon may vary. However, it is typical for an urban living raccoon to have a smaller home range compared to wild rabid raccoons. The distance of a raccoon’s home range can be 52 acres to 90 acres. The home ranges often depend on the food and water sources. Other factors that affect the raccoon home range include the current season, climate, and environment. A raccoon’s gender, age and population can also be taken into consideration.

Skunk removal in Green Cove Springs FL

Skunks can have a variety of food choices. If you notice, skunks eat voraciously and become really fat. This is especially true before winter where the animal goes into an eating frenzy until they would be able to store fat in their body. Skunks become inactive in cold season since there’s minimal food sources like soil insects and fruits to go around so they just stay in their den to sleep. Skunks can be a problem for home owners and can become difficult to remove since it can emit foul smelling musk, which can also hurt the eyes. You can call a skunk specialist instead to remove the creature from your property.

Coyote removal in Green Cove Springs Florida

Coyotes are social animals and can be seen mixed with other members of its species. It usually has no trouble being with its relatives or even joining newly found packs of coyotes. The gray wolf is said to be the one of its relatives.

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Muskrat removal in Green Cove Springs

What are the Arvicolinae? This genus of species belongs to a group of rodents that include voles, muskrats and lemmings. There are more than one hundred forty two variants of these species which share behaviors and traits with rats. They are however not included to the group of ‘Rattus’ which rats belong.

Mole removal in Green Cove Springs

The underground living animal called ‘mole’ has a unique trait for being able to breathe for longer periods beneath the ground. The animal can tolerate high levels of carbon dioxide more than any other wildlife mammal in Green Cove Springs. The mole has the special hemoglobin protein where it would be able to re-use oxygen. This allows the mole to survive in environments in Florida with low oxygen levels.

Our available Green Cove Springs wildlife services also include installing new insulation, home restoration, animal droppings removal, dead animal removal, bees removal, crawlspace clean-up and sanitation.

We also deal with Jacksonville wildlife species such as nutria, armadillos, squirrels, coyotes, wild hogs, foxes, bees, bats, snakes, honey bees, deer, birds, raccoons, moles, opossum removal.

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Green Cove Springs FL wildlife removal
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