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If you’re looking for Griffith IN wildlife removal company in Griffith IN, you’re at the right place! Anytime Wildlife Removal provides bat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, rabid animal extraction and wild animal proofing in Griffith Indiana and nearby villages. Make sure to contact a wildlife animal professional immediately if you see dangerous animals in your house – a Griffith wildlife expert can help you discourage these animals from intruding and living in your household.

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Wildlife in Griffith

The town of Griffith is right in the middle of Lake County, just near the townships of Calumet and St. Johns. Located within the town are some busy highways and intersections such as the US Route 41 and Interstate 65. It also has one of the busiest railroads crossing – the “feeder road” – a connecting road to six other rail tracks. Just around these bustling road rails are woods, trees and greens that attract some of the most rabid animals in Griffith.

Raccoons picking some herbs from a garden, bats feeding on spiders in ceilings and squirrels carrying corn while climbing up and down house fences; just some of the common sight by Griffith residents. Some kids even play around with these animals and even feed them. For some parents, this is “not a big deal”; however, these are undomesticated animals, with some even carrying illnesses and rabies. It would be better to avoid such wildlife animals and extract them immediately in your area.

Griffith IN Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in Griffith IN

In Griffith schools, it’s pretty normal to see squirrels running around the school grounds and grass. They

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in Griffith IN

Photo credit: Gilles Gonthier / Foter / CC BY

are often seen clutching small fruits and several seeds going to their secret hiding place in some trees around the school. Squirrels have also been seen sighted in places near St.Mary Catholic Elementary and Wadsworth Elementary School. Squirrels can look harmless or domesticated, but adults need be warned – they are native to the wild!

Squirrels do not belong in people-dwelling places and they’re not pets as some Griffith children seem to think. Officials and parents should know any better that even if they’re small, hairy and soft creatures, squirrels can cause injury by biting (or scratching) the hands of the children. Some squirrels also carry diseases. As much as possible, expel squirrels out of the vicinity. But you can’t do this on your own. Asking your staff to extract the animal might not work as well. You may have to call a squirrel removal expert from a wildlife removal company in Griffith IN to get this done effectively.

Raccoon Removal in Griffith IN

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Raccoon Removal in Griffith IN

Raccoons forced from their forest den (because of hunters) – sometimes find their way in Griffith apartments and town houses. We’ve received calls of rabid raccoons sleeping under dining tables, even going after food leftovers of Griffith households. In several of our visits in Griffith, some raccoons became harder to extract.

If you found a raccoon in your home, do not attempt to hurt the animal by a long stick (like other people do). These animals can fight back and can even grab the stick with their five toe paws. If you still don’t know, they have human like paws that can hold the stick. It wouldn’t be a good idea if you try to poke them too! It’s much better to call a raccoon removal expert. Anytime Wildlife Removal provides raccoon control and proofing in Griffith, contact us for inquiries.

Bat Removal in Griffith IN

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in Griffith IN

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Bats fly around in the evening, but will seek rest in the break of dawn, right when there’s already sunlight. In Griffith, reports of several sightings can be seen in medium rise buildings, apartments and attics of several estates. Bats like to rest in dark places and often they’re not seen, unless there’s a general inspection or cleaning of the place.

Bats feed on mosquitoes, bugs and flies; though even if they seem to be doing nothing against people, remember that they carry in their bodies – incurable diseases and killer pathogens from the insects that they eat. If you’ve heard the news, scientists suspect that bats are the ones who spread the Ebola virus. That should scare you even more, that you should exhaust all precautions when you see bats in your home. These mammals are live virus carriers, so we recommend you call a Griffith bat removal professional to remove it as soon as possible.

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