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The different species of wildlife animals like bats, squirrels, raccoons and rodents can vary far and wide. Often they move from one place to another, adapting to a newly found habitat. These species often move, as their means of survival from predators, from hunting or from the changes in their environment. In Hebron IN, this has been the case when residents became shocked after they see a raccoon sleeping in their kitchen. Often times, curiosity (initially) sets in. However, fear and panic follow as soon as the animal becomes aggressive, while showing its sharp teeth and claws.

Important: Wildlife control and management in households and establishments, requires attentive detail and safety, however, they cannot be done that easily. This is a highly specialized field contrary to what the public think.

As soon as you see an animal in your house, and you think it’s from the wild, don’t ignore it. It’s always advised for you to ‘establish contact with a local wildlife removal company‘. Remember, local authorities (police department) do not handle wildlife removal (a common misconception). This practice has been given to private companies in most towns.

In Hebron, we have provided a wildlife removal company hotline number for your easy reference. Write down the number, bookmark or save it in your phone for your future reference.

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Is Hebron IN vulnerable to wildlife home intruders?

Hebron is incorporated into Boone Township in Porter, and is proudly known for its rich history. The town’s geography traces its roots to the almost two square miles of land (which is a former open prairie). Located south of Hebron, a historical “Indian town” can be found which was home to the Potawatomi village of Hauakiki tribe.

The town is a well known Indian settlement in the mid-1800’s, with the first few homes built with logs, calling the initial frame structure as “Taverns”. In 1860’s, the construction of the railroad that runs through Chicago, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati started the growth of Hebron.

Hebron IN has an extensive landscape of trees, woodlots, timberland and marsh, which made it a popular hunting ground for many people. Different types of wildlife animals can be seen inhabiting the nature areas, some of the creatures believed to be in the forests include squirrels, raccoons, skunks, bats, birds and several species of rodents. Wild animals are known to move and adapt in new habitats, as the case with some of these mammals seen in households, estates, townhouses and establishments.

You need to be prepared in case these creatures enter your home. Here’s some animal traits you may want to know.

Hebron IN Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Hebron

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Hebron

Photo credit: Takashi(aes256) / Foter / CC BY-SA

Can squirrels fly? Squirrels are widely divided in different subfamilies as the case with subspecies seen leaping and transferring from branch to branch. Known as flying squirrels, they don’t literally fly in the sky just like birds do. Flying squirrels actually leap and coast from one tree to another.

They basically extend their legs and arms, as they’re seen gliding through the air. They use skin flaps connected in their limbs, using it as wing-like, wind-glider surface. They can leap as much as 80 meters or 280 feet. In midair, they can vary their speed and direction by shifting the small cartilage wrist bones in their legs and arms.

They have a ‘parachute-type’ stretchable furry membrane from the ankles to their wrists, on both sides of their body. They use their tail as an airfoil to stabilize their flight and then using it again as an airbrake when they land on tree trunks.

Do you need a Hebron IN raccoon removal, don’t hesitate to call us.

Bat Removal in Hebron

When cold season arrive, bats tune down their “inner temperature” by lowering it to a state of torpor. Bats literally go into hibernation by decreasing their metabolic rate and body temperature. They stop being active physically and physiologically, to save their energy throughout the winter for survival. Since there are very few insects in cold months, they build their roost in a sheltered spot and then slowly drop their heart rate and almost every senses or sensors in their body to match the temperature of the environment.

Important: Do not disturb bats in their hibernation. This brings them back into their active operating temperature, thereby increasing their heart rate, forcing them to use their fat preserves. Since there’s not much insects to feed upon, this causes starvation which could lead to death.

If you found some bats in your home in winter (and want them remove, but not to disturb them), just seek the help and advice of a professional Hebron IN bat removal expert.

Raccoon Removal in Hebron

Several raccoons in Hebron can be seen in creeks, lakes or ponds, walking the shore line, looking for water creatures like snails and frogs. Though they’re known to walk near water sources, raccoons are an omnivorous mammal and they’re not as picky, compared to other wildlife animals. That means they can also have fruits and vegetables in their staple if plant foods are abundant in an area.

Something that become commonplace however are raccoons intruding households and building facilities. Some urbanized raccoons in residential areas may actually been born in people dwelling places and already learned to adapt seeing humans.

Some people though feel shocked when they see raccoons close by. If a raccoon happened to be inside your home, remember to stay calm. Close other doors to prevent the animal to go to the other rooms of the house. Most raccoons in Hebron, find their way inside homes through the pet door, opened window in the upper floors and the chimney.

In case you see a raccoon, bat or squirrel in your home in Hebron IN, don’t ignore it. Call an expert from a Hebron IN wildlife control company.

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