Holyoke MA Wildlife Removal

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Holyoke MA Wildlife Removal

A trusted and committed Holyoke MA wildlife removal company in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is a locally owned wildlife professional company that provides animal control services on the following:

* Bat removal in Holyoke
* Raccoon trapping
* Bat control
* Rodent removal
* Squirrel trapping
* Bat exclusion
* Mice control
* Skunk removal

Nuisance animals bring irritation and anxiety to most people. When it enters a household, it can scare away children, attack to cause injury and even leave animal waste. In Holyoke, this has been the main concerns and most frequent complaints that we receive.

Make sure to deal with wildlife animal problems head on and not brush it aside. Most of the time, when people are busy, either with their family life or with work, they think wildlife troubles are small issues that will go away. However, it will not. Find a solution by asking a wildlife professional. In Holyoke MA, we have specialists with years of experiences in wildlife control on various wild mammals and species.

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Wildlife in Holyoke Massachusetts

Holyoke prides itself with notable points of interests in the arts, culture, education and sports (birthplace of volleyball). These distinctions have made Holyoke a significant tourist town attraction in Hampden, Massachusetts. The city’s geography, rich in natural landscape such as the Mount Tom Range, Metacomet Ridge and East Mountain serve as a backdrop to Holyoke’s busy cultural industrial community.

However, interesting to note that wildlife is present in its entire forms in New England and this can be seen as well in Holyoke. Bats, rodents, squirrels, skunks, raccoons and other animals can be seen roaming in nature around town. Creatures freely inhabit Metacomet-Monadnock Trail and sometimes making its way into Holyoke’s city grove and even in Holyoke Heritage State Park.

Holyoke MA Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Holyoke Massachusetts

Almost 3 out of 4 bats eat insects, from as much 1,200 different kinds of bat species. The same can be said in the bats we removed in several residences, with mostly microbats. Bats can be seen all over the world, where a single cave capable of nesting up to a million bats or more.

Bats are a large mammal order, next to rodents, which further explain their widespread distribution in the planet. Just like other mammals, bats can also found themselves in towns and suburbs, often resting in the attic, ceiling and roof. In some houses in Holyoke, several bats were reportedly seen in unused chimneys. Some of our bat control specialists confirmed that they have removed huge number of bats from the attics, chimneys and upper rooms of houses.

Bat Control in Holyoke MA

Photo credit: Gilles San Martin / Foter / CC BY-SA

Bat Control in Holyoke MA

One of the most common problems by business owners in Holyoke is bat management. Some of the establishments we’ve visited say they never heard of bat control provided by a service company, so they only depend on unproven methods and procedures they read online.

A mistake some people make is that they can work on bat control themselves. This is a common misconception in bat management. Wildlife removal companies require its specialists to have long years of study and experience, aside from the various licenses they need to get. These things alone should give you an idea that wildlife control is not an easy job, or something that you can learn by reading or watching.

Bat Exclusion in Holyoke MA

Bat control requires expertise from actual experiences, using safety gears and equipment. Often times, the bat exclusion professional will employ different strategies on different situations, depending on the house structure, climate, season, and bat species they see. So if you’ve seen someone remove a bat in a posted video, more often you will not get the same successful result to remove the creature if you do it yourself. There are different methods in different places.

Most of the time, people think of removing bats to save them from spending. However, this can be more risky since you don’t exactly know the different scenarios that might happen if you handle the bat. Don’t bother yourself in do it yourself methods. Save yourself from injury risks by just letting a bat professional do the job. You can count on us in Holyoke Massachusetts regarding this, call us.

Other Holyoke MA Wildlife Control Services

Squirrel removal in Holyoke MA

Slender and small, squirrels can squeeze their way into small crevices and pipes. They would often move quickly while carrying food, while searching for a storage space where they can store their food items like acorns, nuts and seeds. In Holyoke, we’ve receive calls for squirrel trapping because of such problems caused by squirrels clogging house appliances and vehicle engines with their food.

Holyoke MA raccoon removal

Holyoke MA raccoon removal

Photo credit: Carsten Volkwein / Foter / CC BY-SA

Raccoons can be wily and can enter households and facilities by turning door knobs or pushing down door handles. They have human-like claws made up of five toes, which they use to grip or grab things. Holyoke household owners complain of animal intrusions all the time in the calls we receive and majority of them are by raccoons entering back doors in the kitchen. You may want to hire a raccoon removal specialist to handle raccoons properly to prevent them from entering your place.

Mice removal in Holyoke MA

Mice are small animals that often become active at night time. You might have awakened by mice sounds during the evening as they play around your dining area. Mice in the house can cause anxiety and irritability because of the constant noise they create clinging the utensils or running in the floors. Even if they’re small, they’re not harmless and can gnaw into your couch, clothes or stuff toys. There are even cases mice cause injury by biting the feet/legs of children. Make sure to have mice control at home.

Holyoke MA skunk removal

Skunks can range from 14 – 38 inches, with weight from 1 – 20 lbs. In Holyoke, we’ve trapped and removed medium sized skunks. Skunks can eat any available food item from plants like roots, leaves, to small animals like frogs, birds, lizards and small rodents. These creatures are notoriously known to release strong foul odor from scent glands which makes them undesirable in households. It is not ideal to have skunks skunks at home, let alone if you have a store or shop. Call a skunk removal expert in Holyoke immediately to address this need.

Rodent removal in Holyoke Massachusetts

Photo credit: blondinrikard / Foter / CC BY

Rodent removal in Holyoke Massachusetts

Rodents make up the largest order of mammals in the world. They have as much as 2,200 species, grouped into several families and genera. They can mostly be seen in territorial nature and home dwellings of humans. Their most notable trait is their incisors which they constantly gnaw on objects and food to wear away from growing. Rodents also like digging and burrowing, which makes them the prime culprits in structural and furniture damages. In Holyoke Massachusetts, we provide rodent control for households and businesses – don’t hesitate to give us a call in our number.

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Holyoke MA Wildlife Removal