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We provide expert assistance for Hueytown AL Wildlife Removal problems brought by bats, mole, beavers and rodents. Other animals that we handle include mice, squirrels, raccoons, armadillo, skunk and other critter-like animals.

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The city of Hueytown is nearby Birmingham, and has majority of land area at 11.6 square miles or 99.8% land. Water is only at 0.04 square miles or 0.18% water. The city is known to have a rich education and industrial history. The city has a significant area of forests, arboretum and trees. This has made many residential areas to experience wildlife animal intrusions from bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other critters.

Hueytown AL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Hueytown AL

Fox squirrels are species of squirrel which spend most of the time in trees. Their size often varies from 20 inches to 22 inches in length. Alabama squirrel can weigh 1.75 pounds to 2.25 pounds. They can often be found in forest sections with lots of lumber, wood and trees. Hueytown squirrels can be nuisance because of their untamed nature.

Raccoon Removal in Hueytown AL

The raccoon can measure from 20 inches up to around 42 inches including their tail. They can weigh approximately 15-25 pounds for the adult raccoons. The male Alabama raccoon is usually bigger in length and weight than the female raccoon. The varying factors in the sizes of the raccoons are attributed to the species, genetic makeup, as well as the diet. Remove raccoons in Hueytown, call us for details.

Bat Removal in Hueytown AL

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

Bat Removal in Hueytown AL

The microbat species in Alabama is called little brown bats and can be found in their roost in mines, mountain ridges and caves, sometime around November to December. This is in preparation for their winter hibernation. Both sexes of the flying mammal can be seen in these places. However, if they can’t find a good spot in nature, they will roost in buildings and even in houses. In Hueytown, we can help you remove bats.

Our other Hueytown AL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Hueytown AL

The beavers have specialized lengthy pointed incisors which they extensively utilize in biting wood, branches and trees. The barks of trees like birch, maple and willow are the beaver’s favorite trees. An interesting trivia on Alabama beavers are they use barks and branches of trees to build their dam, but they also consume these barks in some point in time. Stop beavers in their dam building. Contact us in Hueytown on the best beaver proofing procedure.

Skunk Removal in Hueytown AL

The skunk odor that you smell does not come from their anus. The bad scent actually comes from the glands in their tail. These glands spray an oily musk into the direction of a threat to the Alabama skunk. If the animal sense danger such as a wolf or fox, they would discharge the oil towards the predator. The skunks can also do this towards children. Remove skunks in Hueytown as soon as possible for prevention.

Armadillo Removal in Hueytown AL

The main concern of Alabama households in having armadillos in their property is it always damages the landscape. The animal would often go for nutrient rich soil. If you’ve devote a great time tilling and taking care of the ground to have good soil, having an armadillo would be frustrating. Call us in Hueytown to remove armadillos.

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Creatures from the wild are always unsanitary. Get rid of them in Hueytown as soon as you discover them in your home.

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