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(Please call Irving TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-273-1010)

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Do you require an Irving TX wildlife removal for your facility, agency, establishment or home? Just give us a call. Don’t let a problem caused by a dangerous animal extend for longer periods. These creatures can damage rooms, walls and floors. They can also leave wastes and urine that can cause illnesses to humans. Your children can be vulnerable to attacks and disease transmission. You certainly don’t want this to happen. Make sure to get in touch with a wildlife company immediately on the first sight of critters inside your home. You can call one of our Irving Texas operators for inspections and schedules today.

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Photo credit: "Irving Montage" by Av9. Public Domain via Commons.

Photo credit: “Irving Montage” by Av9. Public Domain via Commons.

Wildlife in Irving

Irving is comprised of 67.3 square miles of land, with only 0.5 square miles of water. Located within Dallas County it has the 13th most populated city in Texas. The city has parts of the Dallas-Fort International Airport. There are several large business located within Irving namely Citigroup, Verizon, Aegis Communications, Allstate Insurance, YRC Worldwide, Nokia, ExxonMobil, NEC and Microsoft. Aside from the city’s booming economy, the city is the prime proponent of Tree City USA. The program is an initiative for education, awareness and community service of environmental sustainability in urban communities and nature parks. Irving provides tree guides on tree planting, pruning, maintenance, and other factors on urban forestry.

Irving TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Irving Texas

Did you know squirrels can cause problems in power supply? Some of the common problems include wire tripping, short and power outages. The main cause has always been the open wires, which the squirrels like to chew. In a house, as well as in buildings, squirrels have always been a problem. Some residents in Irving tried to catch it, only to fail. In addition, it’s more work since you will be asked for a permit by state and local authorities if you will handle a squirrel. You will be asked for a licensed if you will catch the creature and relocate it. It’s more ideal to call a wildlife trapper to save you time and resources.

Raccoon removal in Irving TX

The wastes of raccoons have similar appearance with the feces of fox. The droppings of the animal appear blunt on its end. For the raccoon, it prefers to leave wastes in the same area. This lets you know there’s a raccoon living in the territory. Raccoon wastes and urine can cause diseases. There were some cases reported, with several unreported cases of disease transmissions, but always be safe. Remove a Texas raccoon immediately and then clean, sanitize and decontaminate the place to prevent infections and disease transmissions. It will take more work if you will try to it, in addition that you will need a state license and local permit to relocate the raccoon. Calling a wildlife company is the fastest, safest and cost-saving option you can take.

Skunk removal in Irving Texas

In November, you will sometimes see 4 – 6 skunks bunch up in just a solitary den. The skunks are a natural loner, but they seek other skunks during this time when winter officially starts. The time can be early November or even in December, but skunks will start living with other skunks as soon as they sense the weather is cold. They may also seek refuge in Irving households and other man-made structures. Some residents we’ve visited were shocked to learn there were two to three skunks in their garage or basement, already build their den. This happen in winter and residents only learned in time where they are doing their early spring cleaning. It took a time to clean, sanitize and then apply decontamination to totally remove the skunk smell and wastes.

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Bat removal in Irving Texas

Like other mammals, bats may also carry and transmit rabies. Bats are wildlife animals that eat different insects and sometimes invertebrates. Some bats also suck blood of other animals which pretty much explain how they would sometimes carry rabies and other viruses. Bat management in Irving TX can happen in many ways, but you need to learn and also to instruct kids not to hold bats. Prevention and avoidance is always the best step if you don’t want any bat ectoparasites in your body. In addition, early detection, exclusion and cleaning of bat wastes should be done on a regular basis.

Beaver removal in Irving TX

Studies on beavers have shown that the animal doesn’t only have one dam, but also supporting small dams. These mini dams can be seen at the lower stream to serve several purposes. Experts say the dam help alleviate the water pressure in the main dam. Also, the smaller dams help provide the beaver easier access to food. The beaver can bring damages far more reaching than people have imagined. Take note that the beaver dams can cause water to stop flowing, which then causes flood and stagnant water for a nearby neighborhood. Stagnant water means more disease carrying insects like mosquitoes, bugs and flies. Remove a beaver and then prevent them from coming back with the help of an Irving beaver specialist.

Armadillo removal

The armadillos, particularly the nine band armadillos, have a significant population in the south. Outside the U.S., the shelled skin wildlife critter can also be seen in Uruguay, Argentina and other countries in South and Central America. In Texas, armadillos can be seen quite often. The creature prefers hot, humid and dry temperatures. They also like sandy loam soils in gardens and orchards. In time for winter or if cold season arrive in a region, the armadillo may seek shelter in home where there is heater or warmer rooms. Just call an armadillo removal expert in Irving to safely extract the animal from the place.

Possum removal in Irving Texas

If you threaten a possum, it may growl loud and deep noise. It will start making a smacking clicking sound in their mouth. This is the same sound the possums make when they’re about to breed. The young baby possums on the other hand will call their mother with sneezing or sometimes hissing sound. Possums may attack if they feel their lives are in danger. They have sharp teeth, so you will get bitten if it becomes rabid. Remember that possums come from the wild and they are not domesticated. Possums are not tamed and shouldn’t be expected to be meek in some way. The possum can be remove with the help of an Irving possum expert.

Snake removal in Irving TX

Some people are afraid of snakes the first time they see the wildlife creature. This is understandable since snakes are known to bite. In movies, TV shows and stories in print, snakes has been depicted in many ways where it brings fear to people. Now all snakes are venomous. Also most species of snakes attack when they see a potential prey. Some species can still cause injury and death by constriction and strong bite. Also for the general public, immediate snake removal is always the procedure to prevent any untoward incident.

Bobcat removal in Irving TX

The bobcat is highly adaptable in terms of living or surviving in an environment. It does prefer to live in deciduous territories, with conifers, trees and wood lands. Bobcats can also thrive in urban and rural setting. We’ve removed several bobcats in the past few months in Dallas and nearby communities. This animal is dangerous to have around and can attack a dog or cat. Your children can also be at risk if left playing outdoors. A bobcat should be removed in a property or vicinity as soon as possible.

For other wildlife removal solutions, we have dead animal removal, house damage repair, and clean animal wastes, remove animal smell, and block animal entry.

Other dangerous creatures we exclude are raccoon, skunk, armadillo, bats, possum, birds, bobcat, beaver, rats, snakes, squirrel and more.

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