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(Please call Jacksonville Beach FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 904-270-1661)

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For your wildlife management needs for your businesses and homes, just call our Jacksonville Beach FL wildlife removal staff today. We provide removal of untamed species like coyote, squirrel, fox, raccoon, bats, moles and many others. Most of the time, residents don’t know the name of a creature that invaded their home, if that’s the case, contact us for assistance.

• Prevent squirrel entry
• Animal control in Florida
• Removal of critters in households
• Jacksonville Beach FL animal trapper
• Raccoon removal and feces clean up


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Wildlife in Jacksonville Beach FL

Jacksonville Beach is part of the beach communities in Florida’s Atlantic Coast. It has an area of mostly water, with 14.6 square miles water at 66%, with land at 7.3 square miles land. Some of the notable parks and nature areas are Gonzales Park, Cradle Creek Park, Oceanfront Park, Haguenot Park, South Beach Park, Rotary Park and Tall Pines Park.

Jacksonville Beach FL Wildlife Removal company

Armadillo removal in Jacksonville Beach FL

The history on how armadillos reached the United States can be attributed to its crossing from the Rio Grande in the 19th century. The armadillos have been then introduced in Florida and other states in the south. It went to its regular migration as it gets evenly distributed in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi. If you have problems in armadillos such as it is damaging your vegetable garden or it causes anxiety to your children, have it remove by calling our number.

Squirrel removal in Jacksonville Beach FL

Squirrel entry is hard to deal with especially if you have no experience. They can find ways to enter any structure even in Jacksonville Beach in Florida. The squirrels have flexible bodies, so don’t be surprised if they squeeze in slightly opened windows in your home. You can either apply squirrel proofing procedures or have squirrel control in your property.

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Other Jacksonville Beach FL wildlife removal services

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Honey Bees removal in Jacksonville Beach FL

There are many different types of bees, but the most common are the honey bees. Known for their sting attacks on people, it is not advised for the general public to handle bees if they don’t have the knowledge on wildlife species. We can help you in bees removal and bees management. Don’t risk injury to yourself since bees will sting any part of the skin in the body. Call us if you need to remove bees in your home.

Fox removal in Jacksonville Beach FL

The modern fox often seen in North America belongs to the Vulpes genus monophyletic group sometimes called as the ‘true foxes’. These foxes range to around 12 main species. There are other 25 subspecies that also include coyote species that has been extinct. For removal of fox, seek the assistance of a professional. You can send us a message on problems with the animal fox by calling our hotline in Jacksonville Beach Florida.

We also provide the following services: deer removal, bat exclusion, mice removal, rodent control, removal of raccoon, animal damage repair, attic restoration, dead animal body removal, house insulation.

Wildlife control near Jacksonville Beach FL:

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Call us today in Jacksonville Beach Florida for removal of wildlife creatures such as raccoon, squirrel, bat, bees, opossum, snakes, armadillos, wild hogs, honey bees and other dangerous creatures.

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