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(Please call Kalamazoo MI Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 269-337-8120)

Kalamazoo MI Wildlife Removal

Welcome to Kalamazoo MI wildlife removal company for assistance on all your concerns and worries caused by animal intrusions. Our wildlife specialists can help you map out a successful wildlife management and prevention strategy for your home or businesses. We’re experienced in handling different nuisance critters from colony removal, den removal, animal damage repair, foul odor and wastes removal. The wildlife species we can handle include squirrels, opossums, coyote, rats, beaver, bats, feral cats, raccoons, fox and many others.

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Wildlife in Kalamazoo Michigan

Kalamazoo is located in the southern part of Michigan and the county seat of the same name. It is part of the Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan Area. The city was originally named “Bronson” but adopted the term from a word of Potawatomi tribe origin. Made up of mostly land with 24.68 square miles land and 0.43 square miles water, there are several nature trails and open parks in the city which includes Al Sabo Preserve, Milham Park Golf Course, Kleinstuck Marsh, Milham Park and Kal-Haven Trail. The wide areas of land, nature and wooded lots have made the area a popular destination for runners, nature watchers, hikers, fitness buff and cyclists.

Kalamazoo MI Wildlife Control Service

Raccoon removal in Kalamazoo Michigan

This animal is part of the Carnivora order which is a group of animals that subsists on animal meat. However, Michigan raccoons can also move away from the meat diet and adapt a plant based food, especially if plants are more abundant in the environment. More often, raccoons will get acorns, oranges, nuts and berries. If you need to remove a raccoon in your home, just call our hotline.

Squirrel removal

If you’ve try to catch some squirrels, chances are you’ll lose track of them. They run really fast. Aside from their quick nature, the squirrels can also jump and climb posts, walls and poles. They can even climb power lines. There were actually news reports of squirrels causing power outages and tripping in electrical wires. As much as possible, make sure to control the infestation of squirrels in an area.

Bat removal in Kalamazoo MI

Did you know there’s a danger for the Michigan bats to transmit miasmatic germs and bacterium? As you also know bats may carry the fatal infection rabies? If you still don’t know, rabies can cripple your body systems as it inflame your spinal cord, your nerves and your brain. There are different ways to contact rabies from bats like a direct bite or the entry of saliva in your open wound. It can also enter the eyes.

Beaver removal Kalamazoo MI

Beaver removal Kalamazoo MI

Beaver removal Kalamazoo MI

You will normally see new smaller dams created by an individual beaver aside from its main bigger dam. This 2nd or 3rd dam is actually smaller but it provide helpful functions for the Michigan beaver such as water support, relief of pressure on the bigger dam and faster access for tree barks and other food.

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Other Kalamazoo Michigan Wildlife Control Services

Coyote removal in Kalamazoo MI -The coyote is dangerous to have around pets and even near your children. Remove them with help of a professional right away.

Fox removal – The fox are small in size but they’re not beneficial to have in a household property. They can easily cause damages and injury.

Mink removal – The mink is a carnivore just like the otters and ferrets. This animal can be a nuisance and even cause unsanitary conditions in your home.

Muskrat removal – The wildlife animal belongs to the Ondatrini tribe which mostly live in wetlands. The muskrat likes to roam notably in areas near pond, lake or river. They live in habitats with humid and tropical weather. Some muskrats may find their way in urban cities.

Opossum removal – The opossums can mostly be found in forests and grasslands. However, they are wily creatures and can even sneak into neighborhoods and communities.

Rat removal – This animal belongs to the ‘Rattus’ genus of the big Muroidea order. The rats have long tails and considered to be nuisance critters in every house in Michigan. Rats brings various kinds of bacteria, pathogens and viruses. As much as possible, always have rat control in your place.

Skunk removal in Kalamazoo – Skunks can sometimes be seen sleeping in the winter season, but don’t mistake that they are hibernating. They just make little movements and since there’s not much food outdoors, the skunks just stay in one place to conserve energy. The skunks will come out again active in late winter or early spring. Contact our staff if you like to remove skunks.

Feral cat – Not all the cats you see outdoors are tamed and domesticated. Feral cats are the species born in wildlife and most of them have no interactions with people. This made feral cats more dangerous to handle. You will often see these cats hiss and show unfriendly nature to people. Feral cats are dangerous to have around your children.

We also provide animal damage repair in Kalamazoo Michigan.

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