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Wildlife removal, management and proofing procedures are some of the common problems of owners in Kouts office facilities, food shops, stores and households. However, remember that wildlife control methods are something that can only be done by Kouts IN wildlife removal experts.

You need years of experience and state license in handling rabid animals like raccoons, squirrels, skunk, bats and other Indiana creatures. Some residents think handling wildlife is easy and would even attempt to remove the animal themselves, only to be bitten by the animal.

We recommend for you to call a Kouts IN Wildlife Removal company instead, to save yourself from the worry and trouble. In Kouts, we have a wildlife control hotline, save our phone number and call us in your available time for the pricing, schedules and appointments.

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Wildlife Control in Kouts IN

Part of the Pleasant Township in Porter County, Kouts IN continuously develops into an established economic and community center of township. Within Kouts, the stores, shops and services brings in the sense of healthy social mechanism, where the continuous business and trade provide a feeling of consistent growth. We’ve met some great people in Kouts, providing wildlife removal and wildlife animal control services to some of the friendliest and nicest people in Porter County. We always look forward to see more of Kouts.

For now we would like to share some facts about the common wildlife animals in Kouts like raccoons, bats, and squirrels. Here, you get to know about the animals.

Kouts IN Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Kouts

Raccoon Removal in Kouts

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How do you know if raccoons come and go in your home or facility? Several signs you should look for is on the raccoon’s foot tracks and scratch marks. Look into mud, soft soil or sand; and see if there are raccoon footprints. Raccoon prints have five toes and heel. Their front paws has smaller heel than the heels of their back paws. Look for smudge marks on the floor as they usually like to “shimmy to and from” a utility pipe or downspout. In building structures, they often use fire exits and deck railings.

Raccoons have non-retractable, long, sharp claws, which also make them great climbers. In Kouts, some raccoons are spotted climbing houses and entering attics, upper rooms and even chimneys. Raccoons also has the ability to rotate their feet 180 degrees which allows them to descend trees, structures or poles with their head first.

If you like to investigate the path of a raccoon that enters your property, look for the mammal’s scratch marks. If you suspect a raccoon already established a den in your house, look for the mammal’s body oil, wear marks and fur on your floor surfaces. This can be seen in the edges of their den entrance, which can be around 4-6 inches.

Need a Kouts IN raccoon removal specialist, call us in our number.

Bat Removal in Kouts

The sub-order Microchiroptera microbats are widely distributed and can be found in every continent, except very cold regions like the Arctic. In Indiana, there are a lot of microbats species. Chiroptera is the widely used scientific name for all orders of bats.

Other names of microbats include true bats, small bats, echolocating bats and insectivorous bats, based on their most distinct characteristics.

Just like other mammals, microbats have different species and subspecies. However, not all microbats are small, as some people believe because of their name. There are actually microbats larger in size than ‘smaller megabats’. Also, not all microbats feed on insects.

Most people like to call microbats “true bats”, since they possess general and widely known traits and behavior of bats, which everyone readily know.

Calling them echolocating bats can be an accurate description, because they’re the best known mammal order which uses ultrasonic sound beam to navigate their way in flight.

If you see microbats in your home that somewhat found their way in your place during their flight, don’t touch them. Microbats can be carriers of pathogens and viruses. Find a Kouts IN bat removal specialist instead.

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Kouts

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in Kouts

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Some people would think squirrels feel the “blues” in winter. Perhaps this is attributed to the belief that cold months meant no food sources. However, in winter they do have food (and lots of them) on the many food cache they have spread around their territory.

If they can take winter, how about springtime; on the contrary, squirrels don’t like spring!

There are several reasons why squirrels feel at their worst during spring time. This is because nature starts to sprout, such as the plants and flower bulbs on the ground.

This doesn’t excite them since the cache of seeds, nuts and fruits that they bury in the soil started to sprout, thereby eliminating almost all their “saved food items”. Their primary food sources also, have not yet grown in full bloom and bear fruit.

During spring, squirrels try to survive in green shoots of plants and vegetables, trying to digest whatever food items they can. They do this until around summer time, when nature starts to bear fruit and all their nature options are restored.

Squirrels may also find their way in residential areas in spring season since there’s not much food outdoors. You may want to “squirrel proof” your house, call us for a Kouts IN squirrel removal expert regarding this.

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