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In need of Lakeside FL wildlife removal for your home, let us know through our Florida wildlife hotline. We’re a local wildlife company in Jacksonville that is glad to provide wildlife services for residents and business owners in Lakeside. We have a range of wildlife services for different situations, circumstances and problems which wildlife animals bring. For your inquiries and request for inspections, just get in touch with our staff through our number on the page.

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LakesideWildlife in Lakeside

Lakeside is located in Clay County and comprised of 2.2 square miles water (13.9%) and 13.5 square miles land. A notable facility in the area is the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center which was founded in 1930 by the Rockefeller Foundation and Yale University. Established through the guidance by psychologist Robert Yerkes, it is the first laboratory facility in the U.S. for the purpose of studying ‘non-human primates’. The center for most of the time had the best behavioral scientists in the U.S. where it study the behavior, senses, biology, reproductive system, anatomy and physiology of primates. For some time, the facility has been called ‘Monkey Farm’ by residents. Lakeside though has 3 St. Johns River State College campuses, including the Thrasher-Horne Center for Performing Arts. Celebration Lakeside Park is the town’s main area for nature relaxation of residents and visitors.

Lakeside FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Lakeside Florida

There are many incidents of squirrels tripping wires and power lines. Squirrels are excellent climbers as well as jumpers. They can climb poles, branches and fences. They can also jump up to 10 feet. If you haven’t checked the surrounding area in your building, this makes it easy for squirrels to climb and jump into windows or openings. Wildlife companies can apply several preventive measures against squirrels.

Skunk removal in Lakeside FL

For some people, the sight of skunks can make them go away. What more if they are asked to hold a skunk or they need to hold a skunk to remove it from a certain area? Skunk can be bothersome for households and even so in business properties. The liquid emitted by a skunk can reach far away distances which basically makes it a nuisance not just for a single household, but a neighborhood as well. Contact a skunk removal expert if you found the animal inside your property before it emits an odor which is quite difficult to remove.

Coyote removal in Lakeside Florida

Coyote species numbers to around nineteen species according to some studies in 2005. The animal is adaptive in modern environments and has a highly social characteristic as it can easily join a group of unrelated coyotes.

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Muskrat removal in Lakeside

The name of the muskrat originates from the Algonquian term muscascus, which has a meaning of ‘it’s red’, particularly referring to the coloring of a certain subject. Another term which is associated with the muskrat is ‘musky’ smell, which is how a muskrat marks its home range.

Mole removal in Lakeside

The burrowing animal mole has distinct diet that centers mainly in small invertebrates and worms. This wildlife animal most of the time set up worm traps, so they can easily get their food. The way this works is when several worms fell into the trap in their tunnel, the mole will go back and paralyze the worm with toxic saliva. The mole can also store several worms in some sort of larders in some part of their tunnel.

In addition we also have deodorization, crawlspace cleaning, remove old insulation, house repair, animal mole removal, foul smell removal, animal carcass removal and animal droppings removal.

We also handle bats, birds, raccoons, nutria, armadillos, squirrels, moles, opossums, bees, honey bees, deer, snake removal, coyotes, wild hogs, and foxes.

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