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(Please call Lawrence NJ Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 609-896-1111)

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If you require Lawrence NJ wildlife removal for agency, department or building in Lawrence New Jersey, contact our wildlife specialists on stand-by. We understand the need for experienced and professional wildlife experts that can handle different types of nuisance critter problems. We can handle cleaning of wastes, litter and animal droppings. If a wild animal has infested a room in your building, we can handle that as well. Let us know through our phone your inspection and schedule request.

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"Shabakunk Creek in Colonial Lake Park, Lawrence Township, New Jersey" by Famartin. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

“Shabakunk Creek in Colonial Lake Park, Lawrence Township, New Jersey” by Famartin. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Lawrence

Lawrence NJ is made up of 21.8 square miles land, with only 0.25 square miles of water. Located within Mercer County, this township was once known as Maidenhead on February 1697 in Burlington County in the western region of New Jersey. It was named in 1816 to honor USS Chesapeake Commander Captain James Lawrence. Some of the notable communities in the city include Clarksville, Franklin Corner, Coxs Corner, Lewisville, Port Mercer and Rosedale. The place is often referred by locals as ‘Lawrenceville’, with some residents even having the name written in their mailing address. Some of the frequently visited sites include The Port Mercer Canal House and The Delaware and Raritan Canal. Several popular parks and walking trail include Carson Road Woods, Colonial Lake Park, Rosedale Park, Shipetaukin Woods, and Lawrence Hopewell Trail.

Lawrence NJ wildlife removal company

Skunk removal

The skunk in New Jersey is sometimes called in other names such as hydrophoby cat and pole cat. Its name in the scientific community is Spilogale putorius, mostly recognizable for its jet black hair all over the body, with 3 to 5 white fur lines running on its back. Other people also call skunks as civet cat. If you look closely on the skunk, you will see this triangle white patch on the head just above their snout. Skunk population is greater in the central and southern part of the states, though there are still some skunks you can see in the east coast, particularly in Lawrence.

Squirrel removal in Lawrence NJ

Squirrel species range in many other variants, with most being tree living families. For instance, the Sciuridae can be directly referred simply as ‘squirrel’ or ‘tree squirrel’. There are many recorded fossil lineages under Sciuridae that include Plesiosciurus, Lagrivea, Sciurion, Hesperopetes and the Sinotamias. The squirrels may have distant relatives that share terrestrial and arboreal living characteristics. We may note that even if ‘tree squirrels’ are referred as such, they may also roam for some periods on the ground, the same thing with ‘ground squirrels’ which may also climb trees.

Bat removal

When is the right time to inspect if there are entry bats in your house? You can ask a bat specialist in Lawrence for this. Since bats are nocturnal species, they go back to their roosts; they will most likely seek refuge at the break of dawn. The chimneys are a common spot. Other places are roof caps, air vents and even plumbing gaps. A bat expert usually knows where to look. They have more experience in general inspections and should be able to help you where to look. Don’t hesitate to contact a New Jersey wildlife management company for bat exclusion and bat removal procedures.

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Raccoon removal

If there’s a raccoon inside your dwelling, don’t wait for anything untoward like a roundworm infection or parasite transmission happen to you or to your loved ones before you contact a wildlife professional. Some residents in New Jersey make the mistake in calling the animal control of a police department. Unfortunately, local and state authorities don’t deal with wildlife animals. These problems are usually handled by wildlife companies, which are given permits and licenses by the township environment or biology department. You can just call a raccoon trapper in Lawrence to save you time and resources.

For other wild animals, contact us in New Jersey, we also remove termite, chipmunks, snake, squirrel, rats, woodchuck, rodent, mouse, skunk, groundhog, mice, raccoon, opossum, bat. Our specialists can also provide other wildlife solutions in Lawrence like clean animal droppings, dead animal retrieval, rat removal, decontamination, sealing of animal entry, wildlife damage repair, remove wildlife bad smell, sanitation.

Wildlife control near Lawrence New Jersey

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