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We provide Lewisville TX wildlife removal of dangerous creatures like snakes, bobcat, bat, squirrel and raccoon. Don’t let these animals build their nest in your house. Your home is your sanctuary and not a den for wildlife species. We have special procedures for different home structures, facilities and buildings to trap the creatures and prevent them from coming back. Call us now for details.

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"Lewisville Public Library" by Brandon Cooper. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

“Lewisville Public Library” by Brandon Cooper. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Lewisville

Lewisville has been described as one of the fastest growing city (in terms of the population) in the United States. It is comprised of 6.1 square miles of water and 36.5 square miles of land. The city mostly has warm weather, becoming a favorite destination for nearby communities in Dallas-Fort worth Metro Area. Its name was derived from Basdeal Lewis when he bought Holford’s Prairie in 1853. Today, the rapid growth of the place has earned them the slogan ‘City of Expanding Horizons’. Some of the popular parks in Lewisville are Scion Skate Park, Railroad Park and Lewisville Lake Park. There’s a 51 mile nature trail, with more than 50 mile cycling trail in the city.

Lewisville TX wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal

Raccoons mostly found in Lewisville eat all sorts of food items from vertebrates, insects, young animals and vegetation. This Texas wildlife animal is omnivorous and can shift their taste bud to food sources that are abundant in their territorial range. If a river is nearby, the raccoon can also have clams, turtles and fish. They may also have food left over’s, and this is the case for urban raccoons like some of the cases we’ve encountered in Dallas.

Squirrel removal

A common disease that infects squirrels in Lewisville is the fungal disease called mange. If a squirrel is infected by mange, it will have missing fur in their bodies, which appear mostly like thick blackish bald patch in the skin. This fungal disease can easily be transmitted by the squirrel to another squirrel. Since diseases or viruses from the wild often mutate into different strains, it can also be possible for such diseases to be caught by domestic pets and even people. The Centers for Disease Control always warn the public on handling wildlife animals like squirrels to avoid any complications.

Bat removal

In Lewisville, some business owners discover heaps of guanos or wastes of bats, left in ceilings of their establishment. This occurs after a couple of their staff experience respiratory diseases. Most of the time, this incidents happen in busy stores and facilities, which only have periodic cleanings like every three or every six months. As a wildlife professional, we advise clients to have general inspections of premises once or twice a month. This lets you know that all of the areas doesn’t have an opening which the bats can enter.

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Armadillo removal in Lewisville

Some of food items Texas armadillos consume are young small vertebrates, baby birds, chicks, small reptiles and eggs. The armadillos also like termites, earthworms and different ant species. The armadillos in Lewisville, if observed closely, even become frantic when they eat worms and ants that are dislodged from the soil. There are several armadillo species, around ten to fifteen percent which eat vegetation and fruits. Some species eat fungi as well as some seeds and leaves.

Skunk removal

The skunks in Lewisville mostly enter households to search for food. At times, if the weather is cold, the wildlife animal will go near the chimney and sleep beside a sofa or couch. Some owners try to remove the skunk by poking it with a stick only to be sprayed upon by the skunk’s ill smelling musk from its anal glands. The odor becomes terribly bad and difficult to remove they tried air fresheners to no avail. This becomes too frustrating especially if the skunk has created its den in the house.

Snake removal

As much as the argument that snakes evolved from reptiles, most species of modern snakes have no limbs. The snake’s axial skeletal thus have neck (cervical), lower back (lumbar), pelvic (sacral), chest (thoracic) and the tail (caudal vertebrae). The nonexistent frontal limbs can be traced to the creature’s gene expression, Hox which mainly developed the thorax of the snake. If you need removal of snake in Lewisville, call us.

Bird removal in Lewisville

Most of the species and families of birds develop wings, with very few with now wings at all like the moa bird. The wings evolve from the forelimbs which then allow the bird to fly. However, there are birds that have wings but do not fly like the duck family, penguins and ratites. Several sub-species of birds from different islands around the world also have wings but don’t have the ability to fly. These bird species that do not fly however evolve into aquatic lifestyle and some into mainly land animals.

Beaver removal

In Lewisville, we’ve removed several beavers in private properties of estates after the animal created dams. Most of the beavers are solitary in their lodge, though there were one or two instances of beavers forming a group which turned out to be a family, with a pair of male and female animal, with five to six litters of beavers. The adult beavers are actually two years of age. The beaver which develop into an adult leave their mother as soon as it reaches one and half to two years of age.

Aside from animal removal, our specialists can also provide other wildlife solutions such as home restoration, block animal entry, animal carcass removal, clean animal wastes, decontamination.

If there are other unidentified wildlife animals, let us know. We also remove bats, possum, bobcat, birds, snakes, raccoon, beaver, skunk, armadillo, rats, squirrel.

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