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(Please call Little Elm TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 940-349-1600)

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In need of Little Elm TX wildlife removal services to clean raccoon feces, bat droppings or squirrel wastes, call us now. We’re a local wildlife company in Little Elm that provides cost-effective solutions to wildlife problems and nuisance animal invaders in houses, apartments, buildings, establishments and homes. If you require we also provide house repairs on areas damaged by animals, sanitation, and clean up.

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Little Elm TXWildlife in Little Elm

Little Elm Texas has 4.1 square miles of water (21.8%) with 14.6 square miles of land (78.2%). Located in Denton County, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas since 2000. The place is near Lewisville Lake, at the northern and eastern shore, right at the cross roads of Highway 423 and Eldorado Parkway. Its neighboring communities are Aubrey, Prosper, Providence, The Colony and Frisco. The place has around 66 miles of shoreline, the most of any city in Dallas and Fort Worth. The city has a wide park system that includes Cottonwood Park, Little Elm Park, Union Park, McCord Park and Beard Park.

Little Elm TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Little Elm

According to studies, the wildlife animal squirrels are part of the ecological balance and regeneration in rainforests. The squirrels have habits such as carrying nuts and seeds and burying them on the ground. The creatures cache these items just before winter. However, not all the seeds and nuts are recovered. These items soon just sprout and become new plants and young trees in the arrival of spring. In Little Elm, there are many incidents of seeds sprouting as new fruit in spring time. If these happen in the forest, it would be okay, but the squirrels often bury nuts and seeds in private gardens and orchards.

Possum removal

Most of the species of possums in Texas share similar behaviors and traits with their other opossum species around the country. Generally, the possums are opportunist, where they stay in certain area which has a good shelter and lots of food and water. The Patagonia group mostly feed on small animals. On the other hand, the Caluromyinae consume fruits and some vegetable plants. All the other possum families and sub species are omnivores and adjust their diet according to the availability, abundance or scarcity. If you have problem with possums that are staying in your house, you can call one of our staff in Little Elm.

Armadillo removal

For armadillos in Little Elm TX, aside from insects like ants and worms, the shelled skin animal may also consume carrions as well as maggots. They may also be drawn to some fruits, tubers, seeds and even fungi. If you have vegetable garden, small farm or orchard in your home, don’t be surprised if one or two armadillos appear search for grub in the soil. This wildlife creature can damage the landscape, so you need to remove them immediately. You can contact a Texas licensed armadillo expert for this.

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Rat removal in Little Elm TX

The state of Texas has its share of intrusions from different types of rodents. In Dallas, sometimes we have twenty to thirty rat removals in a month. The two common rodents which enter households and establishments in Little Elm are rats and mice. This can range in different size, though infestation of 3 to 5 rats in a home has been frequent lately. Aside from the unsanitary sight of having rats and mice in a place, disease transmission is always a concern for residents.

Bobcat removal

Bobcats is different to your domestic cat in your home. There would be some species, like the younger bobcats looking like the average household cat, but do not expect this wildlife animal to have the same habits and traits of your pet. The bobcats are indigenous to the wild and never (or rarely) have some interactions with people. It may identify you as a threat and the bobcat may attack you with no provocation. In Little Elm, you can contact a wildlife professional that have expertise on bobcats. You can call us if you need one.

You can also contact us for wildlife removal of possum, beaver, raccoon, armadillo, squirrel, skunk, bobcat, birds, snakes, rats, bats. Also, we offer wildlife control services such as wildlife damage repair, block animal access, clean wildlife wastes, animal body removal, remove animal smell, sanitation.

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