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At Lockport IL Wildlife Removal, we specialize in wildlife control for rabid animals like raccoon, bats, and squirrel in the city of Lockport, Illinois. Track N Trap provide services on raccoon removal, bat removal, squirrel removal and raccoon control. With decades of experience in dealing with wildlife animals, we provide humane and affordable wildlife control practices and methods. Dial our number today for questions and price quotes!

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Lockport brims with a fast-growing suburb, with quick accessibility to down town parks, scenic fairways and long stretches of walking paths. Located in Will County, Southwest of Chicago – Lockport’s Township Park District maintains 950 acres (with 38 parks) of open spaces and nature trails. Surrounding Clover Ridge, Willow Walk and Theodore Marsh attracts locals and tourists alike all year round.

However, Lockport also attracts unwelcome visitors, specifically undesirable animal intrusions. Trespassing raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other wild creatures are common in the city. Worse, some of these rabid creatures manage to live (and form nests) in houses and apartments. If you discover a wild animal in your property, we suggest you call a Lockport IL Wildlife Removal professional immediately. Don’t make the mistake performing some ‘do-it-yourself-methods’ to expel the animal from your home!

Lockport IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Lockport IL

Nocturnal and omnivorous, the raccoon’s staple generally made up of plants, vertebrates and invertebrates. They are medium in size, measuring around 40-60 cm and can weigh from 4-8 kg. Known to be distinctively cunning, scientists noted a raccoon can remember a tasks or a certain event as long as 2-3 years.

To insulate from cold temperatures, raccoons has an under fur to withstand winter or rainy season. This wildlife animal is indigenous in the forest, but most of the time, seek shelter in residential areas if their habitat has been disturbed by hunters or loggers. If you see a raccoon in your home, don’t try to remove it yourself for it is an untamed and undomesticated animal. You can call Track N Trap, a wildlife removal company in Lockport IL to help you remove the raccoon.

Bat Removal in Lockport IL

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Bat Removal in Lockport IL

Bats spend most of their time in volcanoes and mountains, but can settle down and establish their roosts in ceilings and top floors of a house. This is the case when the mammals seek rest in winter. We often receive calls from Lockport resident of bats nestling in apartments and business establishments in Lockport and nearby cities in Illinois.

Since most carry around rabies and other diseases, it is not advised to have them around the house. Having bats in the attic or in the garage is not a good idea, especially if you have children. Don’t take it for granted if you see bats inside your place – call a bat removal expert immediately. Track N Trap, a Lockport IL Wildlife Removal company provides bat removal services.

Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Lockport IL

 Squirrel Removal in Lockport IL

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Squirrel removal can be difficult for someone who doesn’t know how to deal with this furry and bushy animal. Their evasive, quick-moving and wily in all aspects of running, hunting and hiding if they feel threatened. These creatures often like tropical places, but would sometimes seek a new habitat in the turn of a season, notably when the temperature starts to fall.

During cold and rainy seasons, it’s quite common for squirrels to find a new habitat and most often they can be found in residential and household areas. These animals (with their big eyes) generally have an excellent vision and often rely with this when searching for food or finding their new homes. Catching squirrels is no easy task and even if you do catch one, other squirrels will surely find their way to your place. It’s always better to seek help from professionals. Contact a Lockport IL Wildlife Removal company if you found squirrels in your house and need them to be removed!

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