Longmeadow MA Wildlife Removal

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Longmeadow MA Wildlife Removal

Wildlife control in a household or business facility, need expert and professional assessment to make sure the indigenous animal will be effectively extracted and relocated in a humane manner.

Wildlife removal needs qualified study and licensing, along with years of experience in the field. Most people make the mistake of trying to remove the wild animals they see at their property, only to see the creature return time and again. In some cases, there are individuals who get injured and bitten by the animal.

Don’t stress yourself with harmful and virulent creatures that will most likely attack people at any second. Just the presence of wild animals is a threat to your children. It would be better to call a wildlife control company to handle the situation.

Wildlife in Longmeadow

Longmeadow’s wildlife can be seen in its eco-rich parks and nature trails that include Twin Hills, Franconia fairway, Greenwood Park and Bliss Park. Forest Park (in Springfield) is adjacent and very near at the town’s northern border. Wildlife animals that can be regularly seen include bats, foxes, birds, eagles, turkeys, raccoons, squirrels, deer, rodents, beavers and wild mice.

Longmeadow MA Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Longmeadow MA

Bats can be seen both as a helper and a pestilence. Bats can help lower cases of malaria, dengue and other mosquito diseases since bats enjoy eating mosquitoes more than any other insect at night. It is said a single bat can eat around 1000 mosquitoes in one hour. Now you can call that a natural and free mosquito killer. However, since they consume mosquitoes, bats carry around these same diseases wherever they go. It’s not a problem if bats only live in caves; but it’s already a known fact bats also establish their roosts in people dwelling structures. In Longmeadow, this has been the case in most of our bat removal services.

Bat Control in Longmeadow MA

Photo credit: fs-phil / Foter / CC BY-SA

Bat Control in Longmeadow MA

There have already been known efforts to conserve bats because of the balance in the ecosystem that they provide. However, remember that management and control of bats can’t just be done by anyone. You will need licenses, vaccinations and other permits just to handle bats. Since bats come from the wild, they are indigenous and untamed, and states enforce laws that govern proper handling, exclusion and relocation of the bats (depending on their species).

Bat Exclusion in Longmeadow MA

Working out a procedure in bat exclusion starts with a thorough inspection of the affected structure. This can be done with the help of a bat exclusion professional from a wildlife control company. Asking the advice and recommendation of a bat control specialist allows you to carefully plan the best and most effective method to remove the bats. Wildlife control isn’t an easy profession contrary to what others think. The state requires complete licenses and permits before you can handle wildlife animals, including all its other genera and species.

Other Longmeadow MA Wildlife Control Services

Squirrel Removal

Even a small creature like a squirrel is capable of transmitting deadly diseases. Don’t make the mistake on taking for granted squirrels that you see inside your property, whether in your garden or lawn. Children are vulnerable because they see squirrels as something friendly or playful. You have to remember squirrels are untamed and indigenous to the wild and should never be allowed inside you household.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons have been known as a forest animal, though it has now learned to adapt and live in urban people-dwelling areas. It is free-ranging and roam endless in search for food and a den where it can rest. Raccoons are undomesticated and virulent, capable of transmitting diseases like roundworm and rabies. In Longmeadow, call us for raccoon removal procedures as soon as you see a raccoon inside your property. Don’t ignore and wait for something worse, such as it attacks you or loved ones. Remove a raccoon in your household as soon as possible.

Mice Removal

Mice, as tiny as they are, can transmit killer diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Hemorrhagic Fever. Since mice travel back & forth the wild and residences, they are vectors of parasites and illnesses. You certainly don’t want mice in your home or your store for that matter (if you’re a business owner). Mice control is something you need to be ready in an event mice infestation takes hold of your property.

Skunk Removal

Rabid skunks can transmit rabies through its bite, that’s why you always need to make sure to keep it away from your property as much as possible. Though skunk smell should be reason enough for you to remove the animal as soon as possible, consider also that this is a wildlife animal with sharp teeth and can bite with no warning. You can prevent skunks from entering your house and establishment, by maintenance, cleaning and proofing. Please consult a skunk removal specialist on the best method to prevent skunk intrusions.

Rodent Removal

According to Centers for Disease Control Prevention, rodents are capable of spreading as much as 35 diseases. The disease can be transmitted directly to humans through contact, animal wastes, feces, urine, saliva and other animal excretions. In Longmeadow Massachusetts, rodent control is one of the most common request and calls we receive on a regular basis.

Longmeadow MA Wildlife Removal