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(Please call Lucas TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-547-5167)

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If you require Lucas TX wildlife removal for management, control and prevention of dangerous and rabid species, contact our staff today. We’re experienced in Texas wildlife creatures like birds, snakes, squirrel and raccoon. We can provide trapping, relocation, removal and retrieval of a wildlife animal in a humane manner. Call us if you need wildlife company services for your apartment, building, commercial facility or house in Lucas Texas.

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Lucas TXWildlife in Lucas

Comprised of 12.6 square miles land, with only 0.02 square miles of water (0.17%), Lucas TX is within Collin County, at the southern central area. Its neighboring communities are Lavon Lake, Wylie, Parker, Allen and Fairview. Some of the frequently visited parks and recreational centers in Lucas are Kenneth Lewis Parks, Lucas Community Park and Forest Creek Neighborhood Park. There are open spaces, football fields, walking trail, pavilion and playground in the place.

Lucas TX wildlife removal company

Skunk removal

We’ve heard complaints from residents from Lucas Texas on their experiences in handling skunks. Some home owners actually tried to remove skunks, only to get sprayed upon by the stinky animal’s smelly musk. Skunks will do this to every danger they thought to come near them, animals and people alike. So don’t handle skunks. You can ask a wildlife company with skunk specialists. Let us know if you need a professional to handle the wild animal.

Possum removal

The possums are one of the common wild animals we remove in Lucas, more so we extract three to five possums in a week. Opossums are wildlife animals that can be a nuisance in any home because of their feeding and living habits. Most of the species of possums are omnivorous, where it can consume vegetation or animals depending on the availability. Some possums can be rabid and may attack with no reason, so there should always be precaution if there’s a possum inside your place.

Rat removal

Some people wonder if it’s possible to domesticate rats, though some cases have been done in laboratories, this is not advised to the general public. Wildlife rats can be rabid and gnaw continuously, which comes by instinct to the animal. It is difficult for the public to calm the rats unless under stringent scientific environment. Besides, for a household or establishment, you don’t want a creature that has been regarded in history as a fatal disease carrier. Contact one of our staff, for rat removal and rat control in Lucas.

For inquiries, call our hotline at 214-606-1987

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Snake removal in Lucas Texas

The modern snake’s ancestors can go way back to early lizards. By the evolution in the Hox gene of the creature, the thorax became more developed however which can be attributed to the snake’s skeleton seemingly a long extended thorax. The ribs of the creature can only be found in the vertebrae, with the less lumbar, pelvic and neck vertebrae. The snake actually has a short tail at the caudal vertebrae, but extended in some species where the tail becomes useful in trees or aquatic environment. Just let us know if you need to remove snakes in your property in Lucas.

Bird removal in Lucas TX

Seeing a couple of birds one in a while in your lawn shouldn’t be a big deal for most residents in Lucas Texas. Besides, there are a lot of birds that can be used as pets. However, there are more than a thousand species of birds. Not all the species can be domesticated. There are still majority of bird species living in the wild. Big predator birds can prey upon small kitten or young puppy. Some wild birds also leave wastes which can be unsanitary and cause diseases.

Also, we have wildlife specialists for animal damage repair, dead animal retrieval, seal access points, animal feces removal, remove animal foul odor, decontamination. We also have specialist for removal of snakes, bats, beaver, possum, raccoon, armadillo, skunk, bobcat, birds, rats, squirrel.

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