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We provide Madison County IL wildlife removal in cities and towns in Madison Counties for house owners, residents and owners of businesses. If you like to hire a nuisance animal control expert on raccoon, bird, squirrel, mole, bat, skunk, fox or beaver, just dial our hotline. We have regular calls on problems like:

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Madison County has one of the diverse geography in Illinois. It has a majority of land at 716 square miles at 96.6% land. Water can be seen at 25 square miles or 3.4% water. Madison Illinois has the Mississippi River running through its area. It also has a big body of water, with the Horseshoe Lake. The county has a lot of bike ways and nature trail.

Madison County IL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Madison County IL

In cities in Madison County, the squirrels we’ve removed frequently are the tree living squirrels. The fox squirrels are common species of the squirrels in Illinois. They are the largest tree squirrel in the state, often reaching length of 22 inches. Despite of this, they can squeeze their way into crevices and small openings. Squirrel entry has been a problem in Madison most of the time.

Bat Removal in Madison County IL

Madison County bats that you’ll see most often are microbats species. Their wings are made from patagia non-hairy membranes connected into the bat’s body. This membrane wings also connect forelimbs and legs. In Illinois, bats frequently enter houses in Madison through cracks, holes, pipes or tubes.

Raccoon Removal in Madison County IL

The raccoons in Madison County have fairly similar physical appearance with the native raccoons from other states. These Madison wild animals have furry and rounded ears which you can easily see. The muzzle of the gray haired raccoon is usually pointed. The raccoons have good sense of smell and they use this to search food in houses and even shops. If you need to remove a raccoon, just send us a message.

Other Madison County IL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Madison County IL

Beaver Removal in Madison County IL

Photo credit: stevehdc / Foter / CC BY-SA

In Madison County, Illinois beavers share general physical features with the American beavers. Their feet in front have sturdy, curved, lengthy and very sharp toe nails. The feet behind is webbed, which are mass stocked and quite wide, just like a mermaid paddle. Beavers present problems since they like to gnaw tress. The Illinois beavers also build dome like lodge which can cause stagnant water.

Skunk Removal in Madison County IL

In Madison County, a problem we’ve handle most of the time are the removal of skunks and their stinky odor. You might be wondering how the animals discharge this smell. The animals actually have glands in their tails, which open to spray into a certain direction, discharging a spoonful of an awful oily scent. This odor is too strong it can be smelled on a 10 kilometer radius (sometimes even further) They do this directing it towards a dangerous threat like an animal or a human being. For skunk removal in Madison County, just call our operators.

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