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(Please call Madison MS Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 601-856-6111)

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For your raccoon trapping, squirrel removal and bat exclusion requirements, just dial our number for Madison MS wildlife removal services. Raccoons are one of the main causes of damages in attic, garage and bedrooms of houses. Squirrels are difficult to remove because of their wild and crazy behaviors. Bats bring anxiety and fear to most home owners because of the diseases it carry. Other wildlife animals like skunks, beavers, armadillos, opossums, mice and rodent species can be a nuisance just the same. Call us now for professional removal of these critters.

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Wildlife in Madison MS

Madison is mostly land at 13.5 square miles land, with only 0.2 square miles water. Located in Madison County Mississippi and named after former U.S. President James Madison, the city is the highest in income in Mississippi. A notable place in Madison is the 7 acre Strawberry Patch Park which has fishing area and 1.6 kilometer running track. Also located in the park is a pond where several geese, ducks and aquatic birds can be seen. Another popular area in the city is the 10 acre Simmons Arboretum, which has a walking trails and nature paths. The abundant tree groves, gardens and wooded lots have made Madison a natural habitat for several wildlife species.

Madison MS Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Madison MS

Raccoons can cause problems in many ways in a household in Madison Mississippi. Some of the reasons that they need to be removed immediately from a house is the rabid and wild nature. They are not tamed. There are reports of raccoons attacking people unprovoked. So if you see a raccoon inside your home, make sure to immediately call a raccoon specialist in Madison which can set-up traps and provide preventive measures to prevent further entry of the wild animal.

Squirrel Removal in Madison MS

Where do squirrels usually live? The squirrels mostly build their nests in cavities of big trees. In Madison Mississippi, this is often the case when mother squirrels need to take care of their baby squirrels. However, if they can’t find cavities in trees, the squirrels would start searching a good spot to build nests in residential areas like houses, apartments and home structures.

Bat Removal in Madison MS

Did you know some people in farms, gardens or agricultural lands even prefer to have bats in their property? A factor that can be pointed out here could be the insect eating habits of bats. Bats are one of the natural ways to control insects like mosquitoes, bugs and flies. However, there a dangers if you will have bats for longer time. Bats, particularly in Madison Mississippi are carriers of diseases, which the insects actually carry. Add to that the fungus that can develop from the bat guanos (or wastes droppings).

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Other Madison MS Wildlife Removal Services

Skunk Removal in Madison Mississippi

The skunks have an effective way to shield itself against fierce creatures like coyotes, hyenas or fox. Even if the skunks you see in Madison do not have the sharpest teeth or claws to help them fight back, they do have something in their tail that can inflict injury to a predator and push it away. In the skunk’s tail, there’s actually a nipple gland that can secrete a bad odor liquid. This liquid can even injure another animal’s eyes or even a person’s eyes.

Beaver Removal in Madison MS

A dome that some residents see on a lake or river is sometimes thought to be man-made. This is actually built by a wildlife animal regarded as an architectural skilled creature. The half aquatic beaver is capable on developing a dam where they can use as their shelter. This lodge is made of different debris that can be seen in the forest, but mostly made of wood, chips, barks, tree logs and twigs. Mud, stones and rocks are also added by the beaver when they fill up the dam. We also remove beavers in Madison Mississippi, call us today.

Armadillo Removal in Madison MS

Armadillo Removal in Madison MS

Photo credit: LOLren / Foter / CC BY

From the majority of animals in wildlife, armadillos are one of those that can easily be affected by the cold. The shelled armadillo actually have little or no fur at all. Unlike raccoons, skunk or squirrels which have thick fur, Madison armadillos have the armored like shell which is connected to their skin. The nine band armadillo also don’t have a lot of fat in the body. These physical characteristics have mainly determined the type of habitat they can thrive. In the U.S., armadillos can mostly be seen in southern and central states. We remove armadillos in Madison, call us.

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Wildlife animals can be out of control and become rabid, remove them from your home as soon as possible. Call us in Madison Mississippi to remove squirrel, bats, raccoon, skunk, armadillo and beaver.

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