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For all your wildlife removal problems in Matteson, Illinois – call us! We provide Matteson IL Wildlife Control services for squirrel removal, bat removal, raccoon removal and other rabid animals in Cook IL. Allow the experts to handle your worries for wildlife animal intrusions. Stop stressing yourself! These creatures belong to the wild and not in your home. Contact our wildlife removal specialists in Matteson for pricing and other inquiries!

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Wildlife in Matteson

Made up of as much as 100 acres of nature, parks, ball fields and picnic areas, Matteson boasts of some of the most attractive homes and subdivisions in Cook. Several villages also have nature trails and forest preserves, with cross-country areas for hiking, bicycling and jogging. But in the midst of all the greens, groves and woods, Matteson is also home for some of the most rabid and wild animals in Cook.

Wildlife animals in Matteson is something that should never be taken for granted. The most common problems that we encounter include raccoons knocking off barbecue grills, squirrels climbing house foundations and small bats nestling in ceilings. These animals may look like they’re harmless in some instances, but one thing Matteson residents should never think – these creatures will not leave soon. Even if they do leave on their own, they often return. Once they’ve established their lair, it would be harder for you to boot them out. You may need to contact a wildlife removal professional if that’s the case.

Matteson IL Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Matteson IL

Bat removal in Matteson IL

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In the calls we receive, some home owners in Matteson did not recognize they already have a couple of bats in their house. Only after more bats nestled in and started to form clumps in the ceilings and attic rooms, they only realize they have a bat problem. Micro bats are the most common invaders in Matteson and it’s always difficult to know that they’ve already ‘formed their nests’ in a property. Most Matteson homeowners don’t take this seriously.

Micro bats can be small in size, but one big problem that they bring is that they carry some of the most killer diseases to date. These mammals were actually the source of SARS and the recent Ebola outbreak which has killed tens of thousands. Bats like to eat insects and it’s something you don’t want to have nearby. Call our bat removal expert in Matteson if you need to extract bats immediately.

Raccoon Removal in Matteson IL

We receive complaints of raccoons in the kitchen of Matteson houses, with reports that they break in to search for food. One distinct trait is that they can grab fruits, vegetables (and sometimes bread) with their human-like hands. Their five-toe paws gives them the ability carry these food like we do. If you suspect a raccoon roaming in the vicinity of Matteson, we recommend you keep and store all your food to avoid attracting the animal.

If for some instances you found a raccoon in your property, don’t try to force them out, especially if you have no skill handling such animal. Raccoons are untamed and indigenous creatures from the forest, so it would be more advised to find a raccoon removal expert in Matteson. Track N Trap provides raccoon control and raccoon trapping in Matteson and nearby villages. Call us in our number below this article for details.

Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Matteson IL

Squirrel Removal in Matteson IL

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Cunning and witty, you’ve probably heard of squirrel’s uncanny ability to search food and transfer them in secret hideaways. Squirrels can store food in the unlikeliest places like garden soil, appliances, drawers and machines. Squirrels move fast and run fast, so it’s nearly impossible to catch them.

Some of the residents we know in Matteson tried to catch the squirrels in their homes, only to be bitten and scratched by the animal. Don’t attempt to capture the squirrels, since some of them even carry rabies or some other diseases. The natural habitat of squirrels is the jungle and you just don’t know what else they eat in there. For all we know they also got bitten by some disease carrying mosquitoes. We always recommend seeking the help of squirrel removal professionals from a Wildlife Removal Company. In Matteson, Track N Trap provides squirrel trapping services, contact us for questions or inquiries.


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