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(Please call McKinney TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-547-2700)

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For assistance from McKinney TX wildlife removal company on the extraction and retrieval of wildlife creatures such as possum, skunk, squirrel, bobcat and raccoon, kindly send a message to one of our staff. We always strive to remove wildlife animals in a humane way, not instantly killing them. Creatures sometimes get lost in the community because of illegal logging or sports hunting. Animals are not necessarily killed, but relocated to a habitat like wildlife preservation. This is given as policy for all national wildlife trappers and operators.

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"Animalsof theWorldHeard" by Sanctuary.p. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia.

“Animalsof theWorldHeard” by Sanctuary.p. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia.

Wildlife in McKinney

McKinney is made up of mostly land at 62.2 square miles land, with only 0.7 square miles of water. Located in Collin County and currently its county capital, it is around 35 miles north of the downtown Dallas. The community became the fastest growing city in the country in 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2006. It is the 2nd fastest in 2007 and 3rd fastest in 2008. In the 1800’s, the city has several huge industries related to agriculture such as cotton gins, cotton seed oil mill, corn, cotton compress and flour. Several other establishments that opened include banks, news prints, schools, churches, ice factory, textile mill, garment manufacturing and dairy company. There are several important landmarks in McKinney such as Chestnut Square Historic Village, Heard-Craig Center for the Arts and Collin County Historical Society and Museum. The city has an extensive parks, fields and nature trail system. Some of the popular destinations include Myers Park, Heard Natural Science and Wildlife Sanctuary, Pecan Grove, Crape Myrtle Trail, Ash Woods and Gabe Nesbitt Park.

McKinney TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal

Handling wildlife animals like the squirrels require state and local licenses. Wildlife Code state that individuals that will trap or relocate all species of squirrels like the gray squirrels, tree squirrels and fox squirrels need permit. If you intend to work on sports hunting in McKinney Texas, you would need to get significant licenses as well. This applies to rural areas and even in forest preservation spaces. You should just seek the assistance of a wildlife company to handle the squirrels.

Raccoon removal

Raccoons are known to be excellent climbers, but a lot of people don’t know that this wildlife animal can also swim. In McKinney, you can observe the raccoon in open parks climb fast in trees or quickly jump into the water as soon as they feel threatened by a predator. The raccoon however can also use their climbing skills if their chasing some mice or squirrel. Raccoons can also chase down small fishes in the river. This wildlife animal is a frequent home intruder as well if they can’t find food outdoors, so be aware if there’s a raccoon in your property.

Bat removal

In wildlife management, we always advise that creatures like bats be removed first, before sealing the access points in the house. It will not be helpful if you seal entry points, with some bats still inside your home. This is the reason that you should seek the services of a bat specialist instead of performing any installation of sealants and proofing procedures. For bat removal in McKinney, you can call one of our staff to help you with the planning and actual work. An expert can help you save time and resources, instead of DIY or ‘do it yourself’ procedures.

For inquiries, call our hotline at 214-606-1987

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Bobcat removal

The classification of Bobcats has fairly been studied upon, whether it will be a Felis rufus or Lynx rufus. In modern scientific taxonomy, bobcats have so far been listed as Lynx. Experts say that the bobcat has similar traits with the leopard and puma. In some studies, ancient bobcats are said to have come from lynx species from Europe Asia, where it was able to travel in the Bering Land Bridge, just before the land bridge was cut off by glaciers and natural occurrences around 2.5 million years ago. This led to the native bobcats which soon evolve as the modern bobcats in the U.S.

Armadillo removal

The armadillos mostly been seen in McKinney ranges around 2.3 kg to 6.6 kg. However, there were larger species of armadillos to around 9 to 10 kg. The body length with head is around 39 to 60 cm, with 25 to 50 cm for its tail. The average height of Texas armadillos is 16 to 25 cm up to the very top of their body shell. The armadillos varying size depends on the species, gender and age.

Skunk removal

There are various ways to trap a skunk. In McKinney, you can call our hotline for a skunk specialist to help you in the procedure. Try not to alarm or surprise the skunk as it might spray its foul odor musk towards your direction. Handling skunks require state and national licenses even in removal in your home or hunting. The most common skunk in Texas is the striped skunk with several spotted skunks in some areas. It’s not a good idea for inexperienced individuals to retrieve skunks. If there are children nearby, there’s a risk for them to be sprayed upon by the musk which hurt the eyes.

Snake removal

The snakes’ ancestor goes way back to dinosaurs and reptiles and has since evolved in the Paleocene period. This evolution can be attributed to the extinction of the big dinosaurs, as the surviving mammals learned to adapt to the new environment. Snakes throughout history also became more diversified because of the various kinds of prey such as rodents and birds. If you would need to remove a snake McKinney, don’t hesitate to call our staff.

Rat removal

Rats have been considered to have a sharp sense of smell as it seems to readily follow a food or water source. The wildlife animal is known to be opportunistic and has been a frequent nuisance creature in households. In McKinney Texas, some home owners complain on how rats seem to easily gnaw into packages in their food storages. Rat control is not an easy task and would be better left to a wildlife control company. If you need a Texas licensed rat removal expert, just call our number on the page.

Beaver removal

Beaver Trapping

McKinney TX Beaver Trapping

The beaver’s food habits mainly consist of new barks, wood and twigs from trees. The animal can also be seen picking up fallen tree trunks and tree branches. The beaver fairly like tree species such as birch, willow and maple in river banks. The wildlife animal can also consume a good amount of aquatic vegetation, marsh grass, roots, berries and clover. There are other tree species such as pine trees which they don’t really eat but just use to build in their lodge.

If you need to remove other wildlife species, contact us. We also handle rats, armadillo, raccoon, beaver, possum, bats, skunk, bobcat, birds, snakes, squirrel. In addition, we have wildlife professionals for sanitation, animal carcass removal, sealing of animal entry, cleaning of animal droppings, wildlife damage repair, decontamination.

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