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Get in touch with Melissa TX wildlife removal experts on beaver, bats, possum and armadillo. Dangerous creatures sometimes make people anxious, afraid to be bitten, scratched and attacked ferociously by the animals. Immediate removal should always be done. Safe handling of wildlife animals can’t be learned by just watching as it comes with years of continuous training and everyday experience in dealing with different species. Handling a raccoon, squirrel, bobcat, snake and skunk should just be given to wildlife professional.

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Melissa TXWildlife in Melissa

Melissa Texas is made up of a majority land at 10.1 square miles land, with only 0.08 square miles water. It lies within Collin County; it is 40 miles from Dallas. The place was believed to be named from the daughter of George Quinlan, an executive at the Houston Texas Central Railroad, and wife Kate Saunders. Another story is that it is named from another Melissa Huntington, the daughter of another railroad executive C.P. Huntington. Melissa residents enjoy their recreational and relaxing time in some of the area’s local parks such as Zadow Park, Bob Miller Park, Melissa Community Park and Collin County Adventure Camp. The locals and visitors also get to visit open parks, nature areas, picnic grounds, and hiking trails in nearby Lake Texoma and Lake Levon.

Melissa TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Melissa Texas

If you would like to get rid or squirrels using methods you heard from your neighbor or something you’ve seen from the TV, you must first get a license from wildlife protection and preservation from your city as well your state. You also need to get a permit from the National Wildlife Association. The U.S. and Texas have provisions on handling of small species such as the different squirrel species like the gray and fox squirrel. If you need to remove a squirrel in Melissa TX, you can contact a wildlife company.

Possum removal in Melissa TX

There are many species of possum like Caluromyinae as well as the Glironiinae possum. One of the distinct sub species is the Chironectes minimus which is a semi aquatic possum. This marsupial has hind limbs in webbed form. This makes the possum dive into water to get crayfish and mollusks. Other known species of possums are the Monodelphis and Didelphis. The possums can easily adapt in their natural environment in Melissa and can live in ground burrows and trees.

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Armadillo removal in Melissa TX

The armadillos have a distinct body from other wildlife animals in Texas. They have this outer shell which is made up of dermal ossified scute. This has epidermal keratinized scale which is generally covered with highly flexible band of skin. The shell looks like an armor in their skin and may look like it will easily break, but will not. This armor goes from the body, side, back, including parts of their tail and head. Their skin is thick and tough, with some layers of coarse hair.

Skunk removal in Melissa TX

The skunk can be seen all over the country and one of the common wildlife animals we remove in Melissa Texas. A general physical description of a skunk is its striped appearance from colors black and white. There are other sub species of skunks. Large skunk can have stocky elongated bodies with short and muscular legs and feet. The skunks usually have little elongated head, with tiny eyes and rounded small ears.

For removal of other wildlife animals, contact our specialists on squirrel, birds, snakes, bobcat, armadillo, rats, skunk, beaver, possum, raccoon, bats. We also have wildlife control solutions like sanitation, block animal entry, wildlife damage repair, animal body removal, clean animal wastes, remove animal foul odor.

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