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Looking for cost-effective wildlife removal services in Merrillville IN? We provide nuisance and rabid animal proofing in Merrillville. Services include raccoon removal, squi*rrel trapping, bat removal, squirrel removal and other wildlife animal trapping services. Call us in Merrillville for pricing, inquiries and scheduling today!

Wildlife in Merrillville

This high-populated town in Indiana, just within Lake County in Ross Township is right in the middle of Interstate 65 and US Route 30. Rich in history from the Potawatomi Indian settlement of the town’s woodland areas, up to the hunting grounds near Deep River and Turkey Creek – Merrillville is abundant in greens, groves and woods. In the shrubs and forests across town, wildlife creatures abound – learning to co-exist, living in and around the trails.

Squirrels scampering for fallen seeds and fruits, raccoons washing their food and bats flying around the city, seem to speak of the healthy eco-system of the place. However, there are times rabid animals break into homes, offices and some shops in Merrillville; becoming nuisance and causing trouble to owners and residents. If you found a bat or raccoon in your property, you may want to (call an expert) and apply some wildlife animal proofing procedures to keep the intruding animals away.

We provide the following Wildlife Removal Services in Merrillville IN

Raccoon Removal in Merrillville IN

Raccoon Removal in Merrillville IN

Photo credit: wplynn / Foter / CC BY-ND

Merrillville’s growth can clearly be seen in the various retailers, restaurants, and hotels in the area. However, as desirable the economical development has been in town, wildlife animal intrusions have been a continuous problem by Merrillville employers and home owners. We received calls of several incidents of raccoon entry in convenient stores, restaurants, as well as apartments.

“I tried to remove the raccoons, pushing it with a folded chair, but it became rabid and showed its teeth, it almost attacked” a shop owner once told our staff. It’s not a wise idea to remove raccoons (on your own) and we’re not surprised on the animal’s reaction. Raccoon behavior can be unpredictable and most of the time it becomes violent if it will not be handled carefully. Always call a raccoon expert (and we emphasize this in our visits) if you found such animal in your place. Anytime Wildlife provides raccoon removal services in Merrillville, call us now for scheduling!

Bat Removal in Merrillville IN

Photo credit: Hoarybat / Foter / CC BY

Bat Removal in Merrillville IN

Insect devouring bats are often seen in dark spaces and enclosures in Merrillville homes and establishments. Often times, bat sightings in and around town are taken for granted and not given much thought by property owners. If bats have been there for a month, they might have even already started to breed.

Bats carry diseases like SARS because of the number of insects they eat. With studies from scientists that bats were the source of Ebola, you may not want to take that chance. You never know if the bats carry mutated pathogens of a deadly virus. You can contact a bat removal expert from a Merrillville IN Wildlife Removal company if you want the bat removed or to have rabid animal proofing procedures.

Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Merrillville IN

Squirrel Trapping and Squirrel Removal in Merrillville IN

Photo credit: Airwolfhound / Foter / CC BY-SA

Merrillville has a lot of new structures and buildings; you might not even think squirrels can find their way in the hallways and corridors of banks or even Fortune 500 companies. Squirrels also experience being displaced, when nature trippers bother or disturb their habitat in the thicket and trees. In this eventuality, these small bushy furry creatures become intruders and unwanted guests in Merrillville establishments.

Squirrels can be nuisance animals since they often cause trouble as they’re running in different places. Dogs might chase them around a house and your pet might knock off a lamp or vase just because it’s chasing a squirrel. Avoid such untoward event that might lead to something more serious or costly.

Contact a squirrel trapping professional for removal and proofing strategies, Anytime Wildlife provides squirrel extraction in Merrillville, please dial our hotline below for inquiries.

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