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I have been in the wildlife control field in the past couple of years in New Hampshire and have received numerous calls to provide Merrimack NH wildlife removal services to the beautiful city of Merrimack Hillsborough. I am excited to say that we’re now providing a full range wildlife control and wildlife management in Merrimack New Hampshire, for homes, golf courses, farms and business facilities. We provide wildlife control services on the following:

* Bat removal
* Raccoon removal
* Rat control
* Beaver removal
* Squirrel removal
* Mole removal
* Opossum removal
* Flying squirrel removal
* Wildlife control and management
* Wildlife animal prevention and proofing

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Wildlife in Merrimack

Merrimack has interspersing areas of trees, forests, vines, logs and canopies in its wide range of city parks and natural landscapes. If you’ve been in open areas often you might have seen wildlife animals like beavers, flying squirrels and bats in Horse Hill Nature Preserve and Greater Woods Conservation Area.

Other creatures like groundhogs, woodchucks, rodents and several wild birds have the Twin Bridges Park, Bishop Field and Wildcat Falls Conservation as their stop for rest and food hunting. However, due to suburban development and expansion in Merrimack has found some of the species displaced, where it now seek new habitats in households and neighborhoods in the city.

Merrimack NH Wildlife Removal Services

Beaver Removal in Merrimack NH

Here are some facts on beavers. They often build their lodges by using rocks, sticks, mud or twigs, and this can be seen in streams and lakes. Beaver lodges are often surrounded by a body of water, which also include burrows in river banks. The animal is also known to build their lodge and dams in artificial ponds. The purposes of dams for beavers are to create a deep water refuge where they can escape from predators. However, remember that this animal fights back even on people. It’s much better to call an expert on beaver removal if you don’t like animal in your property.

Raccoon Removal in Merrimack NH

Have you seen some raccoon? An interesting trait by raccoons is their ‘hypersensitive front paws’. They’re known to have keen sense of touch because of the pliable horny thin layer in their paws. The raccoon’s five digit paws don’t have webbing in between them, which is unique for carnivores. This sensitive touch allows the raccoons to identify an object or item, without fully touching them all over their paws.

Flying Squirrel in Merrimack NH

Flying Squirrel in Merrimack NH

Photo credit: Genista / Foter / CC BY-SA

One of the frequent calls I receive in Pelham is on flying squirrels. How much do you know about this creature? The flying squirrels are mostly active during twilight, to escape predators that hunt in daytime. They would mostly hunt for food, adjusting their diet according to the season and the territory. Flying squirrels are omnivorous, with their food item including insects, snails, spiders, slugs, tree saps, shrubs, fungi, plants, leaves, grass and even flowers.

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Our other Merrimack NH Wildlife Control Services

Bird Removal

Have you notice the different birds in New Hampshire? Here are little facts on them. Birds are known to live in almost all the 7 continents in the planet. Some bird species, like snow petrel, has even established habitat and breeding colonies about 400 kilometres in the inland of Antarctica. Tropics usually have the most diverse bird species. Common problems caused by bird are their droppings and feathers, the reasons why home owners like to prevent birds in their property.

Groundhog Removal

The appearance of groundhogs looks stocky and heavy muscled, but they are an agile animal. They can even climb trees to evade predators or survey their territory in the trees. Groundhogs can also swim. Most of the time, they prefer to retreat in their burrows notably if they feel a threat nearby. If they feel another wildlife animal is about to prey on them, they will mostly ‘whistle’ to alert the other groundhogs in the environment.

Rat Removal

There are different terminologies associated with rats. For large group of rats, they can be called ‘mischief’ or ‘pack’. The young rats can be called pups, while the mother or pregnant rat can be called dams. Unmated female rats are called ‘does’, while male rats can be called ‘bucks’. We receive calls on rat control most of the time, call our number for details.

Mole Removal

Mole Squirrel in Merrimack NH

Photo credit: zenera / Foter / CC BY-SA

Being a subterranean animal, a mole is said to be capable of breathing underground, while they labor in their tunnels. Compared to other mammals, the mole has a high tolerance for great levels of carbon dioxide. They have unique composition in the haemoglobin protein and blood cells in their body, were it gives them the ability to survive environments with very low oxygen.

Muskrat Removal

The muskrat physical appearance is basically made up thick short fur. The color of the fur can vary from dark brown to light brown; with their belly usually has a counter shade. When the muskrat becomes older, the light coloured fur becomes grey. They usually have two layers of fur, which protects them from cold temperatures, especially if they swim underwater.

Opossum Removal

Have you noticed opossums in your property? Opossums live similarly to other rodents for being opportunistic in nature. They are omnivores, and can vary their diet according to their environment. The amount of vegetation and meat consumption usually depends on the species. Opossums that depend more on animal meat include the Patagonian and Lutrine Opossums. The opossums who majority eat plants, particularly fruits are the Caluromyinae opossums.

Skunk Removal

Most of our calls from residents involving skunks that found its way in a kitchen or pet door were usually drawn to pet foods, particularly for cats. Some skunks that have been urbanized learned to live on food they find in the trash. In most instances, if a skunk can’t find food in garbage dumps, they will enter households and eat leftover pet foods.

Squirrel Removal

Most squirrels, particularly the tree and ground squirrels live a diurnal lifestyle. Their usual routine involves searching for food, picking up the food item and then bringing it to their food cache. Squirrels are notorious food hoarders and have an elaborate maze of storage all over their territory.

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

Bats are known to make various sounds, mostly to communicate with other bats. The bats will usually make different sounds to inform other bats about migration, feeding ground (large volume of insects), newly found roost and mating calls. If you’ve found bats in your home, always ask a bat removal professional to remove it.

Wildlife animals bring numerous problems on households and business establishments. In Merrimack, some of the frequent complaints we receive include nuisance creatures, wildlife intrusions, dead animals, animal droppings, and wastes among many others. Take note that’s important to deal with a wildlife problem as soon as you see them inside your home to avoid property damages and contact of illnesses.

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