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Let one of our Mesquite TX wildlife removal professional help you in your persisting nuisance animal problems. We provide a range wildlife removal service such as squirrel trapping, raccoon removal, rat control, bat exclusion, damage repair, cleaning and decontamination. Performing duties related to wildlife species require more than what some people have thought. It is not an easy work. It requires safety procedures, training, national licenses, state permits and professional know-how. If there’s a problem in your property related to wildlife, just call a wildlife company who has experienced professionals.

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"Nmhsentrancenew" by Sethyr. CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

“Nmhsentrancenew” by Sethyr. CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Mesquite

Mesquite TX is a populous city in Dallas County with more or less 140,000 residents. Founded in 1878, it is made up of mostly land at 46 square miles, with only 0.15 square miles water. Some of the educational institutions in the city are North Mesquite High School, Horn High School, Dallas Christian School and Texas A&M University–Commerce. There are several airports in the city namely Dallas/Fort worth International Airport, Mesquite Metro Airport, DFW Airport and Dallas Love Field. Large companies are also in the area such as Dallas Regional Medical Center, Sears and United Parcel Service. Mesquite has an extensive open parks and trail system such as City Lake Park, Park View, Pasadena Gardens, East Glen Park Open Space and Winding Creek Park.

Mesquite TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal

Squirrels found in urban cities and communities can’t just be removed by the general public. The Wildlife Code protects small game species from hunting, removal and relocation without proper permits from authorities. Most species of squirrels like tree squirrels, gray squirrels and fox squirrels require national and state licenses before it can handle by any individual whether it will be by a wildlife company or a resident in Mesquite Texas. You can just contact a wildlife professional to remove squirrels, to save you from the hassles of securing wildlife permits.

Raccoon removal

The average life span of Texas raccoons roughly depend on their immediate environment and territorial range. The adult raccoons can last four to five years in the forest. Urbanized raccoons can last two to four years. Raccoons can also fall prey to other wildlife animals, though these raccoons are generally still young in nature. Typical raccoon predator animals are fox, coyote, bobcats and wild dogs. There are also bird species like the great horned owl which prey upon baby raccoons. If you will need a raccoon removal expert in Mesquite, just contact one of our staff.

Bat removal

There are many places which bats use as their roost aside from natural areas like caves or volcanoes. In Texas, bats mostly intrude buildings, warehouse, farms and barns. Some schools, offices and government facilities also have problems with bat roosts. These flying mammals often stay in ceilings, roof, chimney and unused rooms. Most home owners in Mesquite only discover bats after it makes some noise as it fly in the time of dusk or nighttime. The flapping of wings makes enough noise that can disturb dinner time for most people.

Skunk removal

The skunks in Texas are fairly stocky in their bodies. The wildlife animal can noticeably be fat just before winter as it is known to store fat in their body since they rarely move in the cold season. Their general appearance is their striped black and white fur, with beefy body and short muscular legs. They have thick strong claws which they commonly use to dig soil. Another unique trait they have is their very small eyes as well round small ears. The skunks are known to be Mephitis mephitis in scientific papers, with a defense mechanism where it can spray an ill smelling musk from its anal glands on their tail. We frequently remove skunks in Mesquite.

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Armadillo removal in Mesquite TX

The armadillos mostly seen in Texas are the nine banded armadillos which have somewhat an outer armored like shell. This is made up of scutes, which are ossified epidermal covering, a keratin scale with connecting skin band. The bands are flexible and stretchable to a certain degree. If seen close enough, the armadillo looks as if it has a body armor which generally covers the body, back, head, side and some parts of their tail. Their vertebrae are connected to the carapace. They have little or coarse layers of hair located in their side.

Beaver removal

Beaver Trapping

Beaver rmoval in Mesquite TX

The beaver usually just stay in their lodge for the whole winter or cold months. When temperature starts to rise sometime in February in time for spring, the beaver comes out and starts search for a mate. Breeding season occurs February to early March, where they have three to four beavers sometime in May or June. Some beaver mothers can have as much as 6 to 8 young. The baby beavers are sometimes called kits and they are born little brown fur, slightly opened eyes and visible front incisors. Let us know for beaver removal in Mesquite.

Bird removal in Mesquite Texas

Most species of birds like parrots and even corvids has been considered as intelligent species. There are many other species on the other hand which regularly migrate into far away distance in every changing season. The general trait of birds is their unique visual and auditory signals when they communicate with one another. This can be bird songs and chirps which they use as they flock or hunt for their food. They also use these bird signals for calling out for mates. Some species of birds are socially monogamous, though there also polygynous breeding species.

Possum removal in Mesquite

Being a marsupial, the reproduction system of possums can be described for its divided marsupium pouch and uterus. The female possum usually have 28 days of menstrual cycle. They typically bore a young possum at its early stage, with period gestation that last for around two weeks, quite similar to other small marsupials. As soon as they bring out their baby possum, it will instinctively find its way to their mother possum’s marsupium so they attach with their mothers and nurse.

Bobcat removal

The origin of the modern bobcats in the U.S. has been debated many times. There are studies however that it originally came from the early species of lynx in Asia. It found its way to the United States by crossing the ancient land bridge in Bering, which disappeared after millions of years of natural evolution like glaciers, earthquakes and land movements. It is said that this became the Canadian Lynx which further evolved and hybrid in the modern bobcat in the U.S. In this day, bobcats commonly seen in the U.S. has been categorized as Lynx rufus and sometimes as a Felis rufus due to its similarities with the Felis and Lynx species.

Snake removal

There are many arguments on where the snakes came from, but three theories arise namely the Archaeophis proavus fossil, aquatic mosasaur and the burrowing lizard. Archaeophis pertains to the discovered fossil in Brazil of four legged snake like fossil creature. The mosasaur on the other hand suggests that snakes came from an extinct species of aquatic reptiles. The transparent eyelids of the reptiles which are similar to most snakes became the basis. The snakes said to have came from early burrowing lizards based on the fossils found on said to be two legged burrowing lizard with snake characteristic.

Rat removal

Rats have a very keen sense of smell which makes them easily locate food in any environment. You’ve probably seen how mice and rats suddenly in front of a food, whether the food is covered or not. Rats can gnaw and even knock down coverings until they would be able to get to their food. Rat control is not an easy procedure and requires several combined strategies. You can contact a rat specialist for assistance on rat removal and rat prevention in Mesquite.

Let us know for other wildlife removals like skunk, birds, snakes, beaver, raccoon, squirrel, bobcat, armadillo, possum, rats, bats. Our other wildlife management solutions also include sealing of entry points, dead animal removal, removal of animal foul odor, home restoration, decontamination.

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