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As Mokena IL Wildlife Removal service providers at Mokena, Illinois, we take pride in our safe, cost-effective and humane wildlife control procedures and methods. Our years of experience in squirrel control, bat removal, raccoon removal and squirrel removal made us the best choice for Wildlife Removal Company in Mokena Illinois and nearby cities. Call Track N Trap now for questions, inquiries and pricing!

Wild animals sometimes find their way in apartments and houses in Mokena, which most of the time shock home owners. This has been the case for Mokena residents, discovering squirrels in their garage, raccoons staying in the dark attic or bats resting in the roof. It takes a while before rabid creatures can be discovered, but often the animals have already settled in and home owners find these creatures difficult to expel.

Rabid animals disturb peaceful living and causes anxiety for people since these are nuisances, dangerous and life-threatening. Also, damages to the foundation and infrastructure of your property might cost more if the wild life animal stays on a longer time. We recommend calling a Mokena IL Wildlife Removal professional as soon as possible, to extract the wild creature and to have preventive applications at your house.

Mokena IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Mokena IL

A raccoon’s distinctive marks to differentiate them from other procyonid family are their facial mask and their dexterous front paws. Considered to be an intelligent creature, they can seek an entry point in a house, stay for hours, get out and return many times, remembering the path and trail that they took.

This wildlife animal can seek new habitat and can readily adapt in a new place as soon as their lair in the forest has been disturbed. If there are regular hunters in the wild, raccoons can sometimes seek a new nest in cities and residential areas. Always call someone knowledgeable in raccoon removal if you see this animal in your home. Track N Trap provides raccoon removal and other wildlife control services in Mokena and nearby counties in Illinois.

Bat Removal in Mokena IL

Photo credit: Gilles San Martin / Foter / CC BY-SA

Bat Removal in Mokena IL

Bats’ natural habitat includes rain forests, waterfalls and caves, though there comes a time they fly into buildings, high rise establishments and even in households. These mammals are known to be large in order (like the rats), so it’s no wonder they are large in number all over the world.

These creatures typically survive taking insects as their food and known to eat pests like bugs, flies and mosquitoes. Since these insects are carriers of different viruses and diseases, scientists point to bats as the carriers of the deadly Ebola virus which has now killed (and bedridden) more than 10,000 people (number still rising) in Africa. It’s not a good idea to have bats in your place. Call a Mokena IL Wildlife Removal company if you found such mammal in your area.

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in Mokena IL

Squirrel Trapping in Mokena IL

Photo credit: allyaubry / Foter / CC BY

Squirrels can range from small to medium size, generally known as tree dwellers. The smaller species like Pygmy Squirrels measures around 6-8 cm and weigh and 8-10 grams, while the medium sized creature like the Alpine species can measure around 55-65 cm and 7-9 kg.

They can typically adapt in tropical habitat except arid deserts and very cold regions. As adaptable the squirrels are in their environment, especially those living in woodlands and forests near cities, they like to shuttle around and can start a new lair in Mokena houses and households. One of our most common queries in wildlife removal in Mokena is for “squirrel trapping and squirrel removal services”. If you need to avail of a Mokena IL Wildlife Control service, call us.

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