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(Please call Montgomery AL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 334-625-2532)

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For Montgomery AL wildlife removal professional needs on mole, bird, bat, armadillo, squirrel, beaver, fox, raccoon, mice and other critters, you can call one of our representatives in Montgomery Alabama. We handle different types of wildlife problems like:

* Prevent digging animal from entry
* Wild animal proofing
* Remove skunks and bad smell
* Raccoon trapping
* Cleaning of bat droppings

Montgomery Alabama wildlife removal wildlife control armadillo raccoon squirrel bat beaver skunk rodent mice rat snake fox mole bird

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Wildlife in Montgomery Alabama

The capital of Alabama, Montgomery is the second biggest city in the state. It has a huge land area at 155.4 square miles or 99.5% land. Bodies of water can only be seen at 0.8 square miles or 0.5% water. A big military presence can be seen all over the state, with the Maxwell Air Force located within the city. Montgomery has been voted as the Best Historic City in 2014 (USA Today) and has been given the distinction of being the happiest place in Alabama. The city has been economically revitalized continuously, but has kept its nature areas and mini forests all over the city. Wildlife animals like raccoons, squirrels, bats, rodents and other critters has been a concern for residents and business owners all year round.

Montgomery AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Montgomery AL

In Montgomery Al, some residents have the wrong notion of hand feeding raccoons. Sometimes they think of this as good work or something helpful to the animal. This is not the case. Hand fed raccoons often become dependent to people. Just let the raccoon hunt food in Montgomery.

Squirrel Removal in Montgomery Alabama

A species of squirrel that can be seen often in Montgomery City Alabama is the fox squirrel. This squirrel is distinct than the species with brownish gray fur. Fox squirrels have a yellowish rust-like fur all over their body. Variation of gray fur can be seen in their neck. If you look in their chest, it has an orange or yellow color. This squirrels can be nuisance. You can call our number to remove the critter.

Bat Removal in Montgomery Al

In Montgomery Al, bats are mostly insectivores, where the term means they only consume insects. Since insects come out in numbers in spring and also in summer, this is also the time where bats go out the most. The flying mammals go out in the dark because of their nocturnal nature and then start feeding up to 3,000-5,000 for a single bat (in one night). To remove bats, just call us.

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Our other Montgomery AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Montgomery AL

Armadillos in Montgomery Al often choose to stay in areas where they have access to water. Also they stay in moderate temperatures, in warm environment, above 28 degrees Fahrenheit. They don’t have a lot of fur and have little body fat, which makes them extremely vulnerable in winter. For removal of armadillo, send us a message.

Beaver Removal in Montgomery Al

Beaver Removal in Montgomery Al

Skunk Removal in Montgomery Alabama

Montgomery has their share of wildlife problems to deal with. Skunks have sometimes been a big part of it. Aside from digging in gardens and lawns, skunks often announce their presence in the strongest obnoxious odor that you could think of. We can help you get rid of skunks and its smell.

Beaver Removal in Montgomery Al

Removing the beaver lodge or dam can be easy for some as it entails destroying the animal’s natural habitat made of twigs, barks, mud and rock. However, if the beaver will not be relocated, it will still continue building a dam in the vicinity. For beaver relocation and complete dam removal, give us a call.

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