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(Please call Montgomery County AL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 334-832-4980)

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If you have Montgomery County AL wildlife removal requirements for your home, business, household, establishment, facility or office – please call our hotline in Montgomery County Alabama. We handle various critter problems caused by raccoon, fox, bat, armadillo, opossum, beaver, squirrel, chipmunks, bird and other creatures.

* Provide proofing against burrowing animals
* Control infestation of wildlife pests
* Clean animal wastes and dropping
* Sanitize foul smell of animal urine
* Removed trapped animals in a house

Wildlife Removal in Montgomery County Alabama

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Wildlife in Montgomery County Alabama

Montgomery County has a large land area at 784 square miles (98%), with only 2% water or 16 square miles. The county has a national protected area namely the Selma-Montgomery National Historic Trail. Several wildlife animals like raccoons, squirrels, bats and rodents has been known to seek refuge in the place. Sometimes, reports of intrusions of critters take place in houses and facilities.

Montgomery County AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Montgomery County AL

When we visit cities in Montgomery County, some people ask if it is right to give food to the raccoons they see in open parks. One of the wrong beliefs of people is to think feeding animals is beneficial, which in reality, not helpful. Raccoons have food hunting instincts, so don’t worry on how the animal will survive and live outdoors. Nature has the natural way of things; don’t get on its way. Just leave nature as it is. Something you can do however is to prevent raccoons intruding your place.

Squirrel Removal in Montgomery County Alabama

The fox squirrel can also be found in Alabama, particularly in cities and towns in Montgomery County. This squirrel species somewhat has a rust colored, yellowish fur in their body. They do have gray fur on their back and somewhere on their neck. Other fur colors can be seen in their belly, nose and feet. These colors can range from orange, rust brown to yellow brown variations. If you need to prevent squirrel entries, kindly call our number.

Bat Removal in Montgomery County Al

Montgomery County has significant number of bats all throughout the year. The bats seen in Montgomery are mostly insectivores. These are microbats species, smaller size type of bats that feed on insects like spiders, fleas, fireflies and mosquitoes. In summer, the bats are most active. When winter comes, they would start migrating to warmer locations or search for roosts where they can stay and hibernate throughout the time of winter. They will come out of their stupor as soon as everything in nature starts to thaw and insects’ starts roaming in large numbers outdoors. Bats can carry viruses and you have to remove them in your home as needed.

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Our other Montgomery County AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Montgomery County AL

In Montgomery County Alabama, we’ve also removed several armadillos in houses and facilities. Did you know armadillos can mostly be seen in southern and central states of the U.S.? The reason is because armadillos can’t survive frigid winter temperatures up north. Armadillos have little fur and hair (for protection) and this makes them vulnerable to cold, which makes enter Montgomery homes. If you need to remove Alabama armadillo, get in touch with our staff.

Skunk Removal in Montgomery County Alabama

If there’s one animal we’ve removed most often in Montgomery County that residents despise a lot, it has to be the skunks. As it is able to release the worst scent you can smell, it will definitely turn your stomach upside down. The smell can make you vomit. Call us for removal of Montgomery skunks.

Beaver Removal in Montgomery County Al

Extraction of Montgomery beavers can take a long process. The animal can be harmless in the onset, but they pose different problems such as the dams they create, which can flood a neighborhood. Dams can cause blockage in a swamp and cause water to rise. For beaver control, just ask our Alabama wildlife technicians.

Bat Removal in Montgomery County Al

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Alabama wildlife is present in almost all cities and counties in the state. Be prepared how to handle them if you see them enter your property.

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