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(Please call Murphy TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-468-4200)

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We’re a local Murphy TX wildlife removal company that can handle various species such as bats, snakes, skunk, bobcat and raccoon. Our staff is skilled and experienced in trapping, retrieval, wildlife management and prevention. We advised that you contact our staff immediately as soon as you see wildlife animal inside your home. It will not help if you put off the solution to a nuisance creature that sets a den inside your home. There could be more costly damages or worse injury caused by the animal. Remove them immediately.

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Murphy TXWildlife in Murphy

Murphy Texas is comprised of 5.6 square miles of land with only 0.004 square miles of water. A suburb in the south of Collin County, it is near the communities of Wylie and Plano. The city supports the ‘country life’ living for residents even with the small area of the place. In 2010, Murphy became the seventh ‘Best Place to Live’ for all Dallas suburbs, while placing twenty seventh in Money magazine’s ‘List of Best Small Town in America’. Founded in 1846, it is named in honor of William Murphy, a landlord who provided the first tracks and depot in the town. Despite the small area size, it has attracted residents looking for a place to live nearby the Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan Areas. Murphy has an extensive park system for recreational activities, outdoor sports, picnic parks and nature trails. Some of these parks include Aviary Park, Liberty Ridge Park, Mustang Park, Maxwell Creek Preserve, Travis Farm Park and Timbers Nature Park.

Murphy TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Murphy Texas

There are different types of squirrels in Texas with most included in the main group of Sciuridae. In Murphy TX, ground squirrels are pretty common. These creatures can be seen in woodlands, forests and parks all around the city. These species can also be seen in urban and rural areas. Squirrels are nuisance animal intruders in households, apartments and business establishments. In Dallas, most properties with lawns, gardens and orchards also draw ground squirrels on a regular basis.

Armadillo removal

The armadillo has armored like shell made up of ossified epidermal ‘scute’, an external bony scale or plate overlaid on the skin. There are flexible skin bands which connect these shells which covers the head, side, body, back and tail. Plates can also be seen on the leg surfaces of the animal. The armadillo don’t have hair or have very coarse fur located on their sides. The little fur is highly sensitive which the armadillo use for their ground navigation. We provide armadillo removal in Murphy Texas, kindly contact our staff.

Skunk removal in Murphy Texas

Skunks have very poor eyesight as attributed to their very tiny pair of eyes. However, they do have great sense of hearing, which allows them to easily hear insect noises in the soil. The size of skunks can vary from 5 to 15 pounds, with length to around 18 to 32 inches. Their size usually depends on the subspecies, gender, age and eating habits. They have long tail though which extends to around 8 to 15 inches. The skunks are easily recognizable for their black fur with white stripes.

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Rat removal in Murphy TX

Rats have been considered for the long time as pests as it is able to carry viruses and spread deadly diseases. There have been many horrifying stories in history on how rats infest areas and transmit infections like Hantavirus, Leptospirosis and Bubonic Plague. The presence of one or two rats can bring anxiety in a household. The CDC agency advises everyone to always remove rodents like rats and mice and prevent it from entering homes.

Snake removal in Murphy Texas

There are many theories on the true ancestors of snakes but the main theory on how modern snakes came about can be pointed to the fossils of burrowing lizards in the period of Crustaceans. The fossils show snake physical traits with two small legs. The creature is said to be wholly terrestrial. The species eventually lost the legs as well as the external ears as it adapt more to its burrowing lifestyle. The same species is most closely related to snakes because of their fused brille transparent eyelids.

In addition, we can also handle animals such as raccoon, birds, bobcat, snakes, beaver, squirrel, skunk, armadillo, possum, rats, bats. We also have wildlife control solutions like remove animal foul odor, decontamination, animal feces clean up, sealing of animal entry, home restoration, dead animal retrieval, sanitation.

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