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Squirrels consist of medium or small-size rodents and they belong to the members of the family Sciuridae. The family includes ground squirrels, marmots, tree squirrels, prairie dogs and flying squirrels. The animals are indigenous to Eurasia, Africa and the Americas, and have also been introduced to Australia. Squirrels are very small animals and they differ in size. The animals have large eyes and bushy tails and they generally have slender bodies.


Their body fur is silky and soft, although much thicker in specific species compared to others. The animals have longer hind limbs while the fore limbs are shorter, and they have five or four toes on each paw. They are popularly known for digging holes where they hide during the day. Squirrel removal in Nashua is vital if you wish to eliminate the animals completely from your home.

Squirrels occupy almost every habitat from semiarid desert to tropical rainforest, avoiding only the driest of deserts and high Polar Regions. Squirrels are herbivorous animals as they eat nuts, insects and seeds. The animals have an excellent sense of vision and they have very big eyes. Squirrels also have very strong claws for climbing and grasping. The animals also use their strong claws to dig burrows. If they happen to dig burrows near your building it can weaken the foundation. Nashua squirrel removal should only be done by highly trained experts.

Squirrel removal in Nashua

Photo credit: Peter G Trimming / Foter / CC BY

Squirrels usually breed once or twice each year and they give birth to young ones after 3 to 6 weeks based on the species. Young ones are born blind, naked and toothless. In most squirrel species, the female takes care of the young ones.

The young ones become sexually mature before the end of the first year. Squirrels have been known to eat eggs, smaller rodents, small birds and even snakes. Apart from that they eat fruits in the fields. In case the animals have invaded your home it is important to contact squirrel removal Nashua experts to help you exclude the animals.

Nashua NH Squirrel Removal
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