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If you’re still looking for answers on lingering problems caused by nuisance animals and wildlife species in Nashua New Hampshire, you’ve come to the right place. It’s our pleasure to provide Nashua NH Wildlife Removal for businesses, households, establishments, offices, farms and facilities in Nashua Hillsborough. We provide wildlife removal in the following: raccoons, bats, flying squirrels, beaver, opossum, skunk, moles, squirrels, groundhog, muskrats, rats and other wildlife animals.

By Jon Platek (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Jon Platek (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Wildlife in Nashua

Named twice as the No.1 place to live in the US, Nashua New Hampshire has experienced sweeping economic growth and expansion in the past decade. In spite of the sweeping urban development, it still kept majority of its natural landscape, greens, fairways and mini forests. Wildlife diversity is vibrant and can be seen from Nashua River Rail Trail and Mine Falls Park. Skaters, cyclists, runners and walkers can be seen all the time, as well as indigenous and wild animals.

Nashua NH Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Nashua NH

In our inspections in Nashua, some residents ask us on the seemingly unique characteristics of raccoons. One of the animal’s weird animal traits is the plantigrade locomotion method, where they stand on their hind legs, while holding and examining a food item with their front paws. If you still don’t know, raccoons can hold, grip or grab objects, which makes them one of the prime culprits in nuisance animal intrusions in Hillsborough.

Beaver Removal in Nashua NH

Beaver Removal in Nashua NH

Beaver Removal in Nashua NH

One of the most frequent calls we receive in Nashua is for beaver removal. The North American beaver is the common species that can be encountered in New Hampshire. Native to the US (as well as to some parts of Canada), it is sometimes referred as the ‘mountain beaver’. Continuous development and urban sprawl has pretty much caused habitat disturbance forcing beavers to seek refuge in residential neighborhood and even business facilities in Nashua.

Flying Squirrel Removal in Nashua NH

Some of the mistakes Nashua residents make when we remove flying squirrels in their property is that they first thought flying squirrels are bats. Flying squirrels actually can’t fly. These squirrels don’t have the capability to sustain and power their flight like bats or birds. They often jump from one tree branch to another using a ‘parachute-like membrane’ in their wrist and ankle. Flying squirrels can often be found in top branches of trees, though they can make the jump in upper floors and attics of houses.

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Other Nashua NH Wildlife Control Services

Nashua NH Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can mostly be found in tropics and rainforests, but due to the ever changing disturbance in nature because of hunting, illegal logging and city expansion, squirrels has learned to adapt into new environments in cities and subdivisions. In Nashua NH, we mostly removed ground squirrels and tree squirrels. Call our number on this page for your Nashua NH squirrel removals. You can ask questions, as well as schedule for a visit.

Nashua NH Skunk Removal

One of the most frequent calls we receive in Nashua is for skunk removal. With their natural ability to spray strong foul odour liquid, skunks are often despised by most people we’ve met. This animal can easily be identified with their black and white fur, with alternating stripes in their back. There are no easy method to remove skunks. It would be ideal to call a skunk a removal specialists who have the gears and can give you complete professional work.

Nashua NH Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

Nocturnal in nature, bats often move into Nashua households through openings of upper window floors, attics and even chimneys. These mammals often move into migration in huge volumes, though there are instances some bats separate from their group during sunlight and seek rests in people dwelling structures. Don’t remove bats, just call a professional since they have Nashua licenses and have all the safety measures on handling the mammal.

Nashua NH Mole Removal

Living solitary and subterranean most of their life, it is rare to see a mole come up above the ground. These animals spend most of their waking time digging and searching for their food. This trait has made the mole one of the most damaging animal in lawns, gardens and yards in Nashua New Hampshire. Moles are difficult to deal with. Most people try to flood their tunnels, but moles can return again. We have specialized procedures in dealing with moles, kindly get in touch with us for details.

Nashua NH Opossum Removal

Opossum is an adaptable wildlife creature, as evident from the animal’s body composition, diet, breeding and reproduction. They can survive in diverse environments and territories, and will have no problem inhabiting households. Possums are not fun to have around, they have sharp teeth and would sometimes bite without provocation. In Nashua Hillsborough, opossum removal is one of the most frequent calls we receive on a consistent basis.

Nashua NH Muskrat Removal

Another indigenous North American animal is the muskrat. Fairly common in Massachusetts, North Hampshire and other northern states, these creatures are average size and known to be semi-aquatic in nature. They mostly like wetlands and are often drawn in private properties with fountains and nature pools. There are many ways to prevent entry of muskrats, ask us how by calling our number. We have muskrat specialists in Nashua ready for appointment.

Nashua NH Groundhog Removal

Also known as whistle pig or woodchuck in some parts of the US, the groundhog is a member of the large rodent family of Sciuridae. In Nashua, these big ground squirrels are also called as marmot. Groundhogs often found themselves in backyards and gardens, with lots of fallen food items on the ground and grass. It is not advice for the public to deal with groundhogs, which most of the time carry around diseases because of their undomesticated forays in the wild.

Nashua NH Rat Removal

Removal of rats and preventing them from coming back is one of the common problems by restaurants and food shop owners in Nashua. Often drawn to food items in the kitchen and storage rooms, you would need a careful planned strategy to seal off rats from your establishment. They’re not ideal to have around running in your reception area and can immediately push away customers. It is actually more effective to get professional help in rat control to prevent infestation of rats in your business.

Nashua NH Bird Removal

Bird droppings, wastes and feathers are just some of the common problems caused by wild birds. Birds enter left open windows in upper floors of houses. There are instances birds’ causes’ injury to small children and babies, so you may want to make sure your home seals off birds. It is much better to have wildlife control management for protection to give you peace of mind and allow to focus more in your family or business.

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