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(Please call Nassau County FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 904-225-0331)

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Get solutions to nuisance animal concerns with the help of a Nassau County FL wildlife removal local company. We provide assistance in trapping, prevention, insulation, repair, clean up, and removal on problems caused by wildlife animals.

• Remove raccoon trapped in attic
• Prevent entry of squirrels
• Florida wildlife company
• Nassau County animal control
• Honey bee removal and bee control

Photo credit: "Fernandina Beach, FL, Courthouse, Nassau County, 08-09-2010 (7)" by Georgia Guercio. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “Fernandina Beach, FL, Courthouse, Nassau County, 08-09-2010 (7)” by Georgia Guercio. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Nassau County

Nassau County is made up of 649 square miles of land, with 77 square miles of water (which is around 10%). The area is known for its historically diverse economy which ranges from tree farming, pulp production and trucking. The majority of the economic activity revolves in agricultural activity, with professions like medical care and legal services. The place has its share of development and growth, with the construction and real estate industry. There are two upscale places in Nassau County namely the Amelia Island Plantation and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Several nature areas in the county include Fort Clinch Amelia River Campground, Nassau County Parks, Goffinsville Park and White Oak Plantation. White Oak is a private land with a private zoo that features giraffes and albino cats. Notable incidents of roaming of wildlife and migratory species have occurred near communities, with reports of intrusions and infestation.

Nassau County FL wildlife removal

Raccoon removal in Nassau County FL

There are not much raccoons in uplands, since there’s little bodies of water in such areas. The raccoons however can be seen frequently in lakes with wood lots and nearby trees. The animal also looks for abandoned burrows from other creatures like skunks.

Armadillo removal in Nassau County FL

Armadillos manage to move their range up north, not as far to states with very cold climate. The animal seems to be expanding its usual home range from the south. Several reasons that can be pointed out are the lack of animal predators that kill armadillos. This makes the shelled animal move around generally into the northern east states.

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Opossum removal in Nassau County FL

Opossums are wildlife animals that have recently undergo several means of change in habits, which so far help them to adapt in diverse environments. For instance the opossum have reproductive characteristics which have made them good colonizers.

Honey bees removal in Nassau County FL

From the Apis genus family, the honey bees are known for its honey production as well as bee colony construction. Did you those bee colonies are made of wax? For some people honey bees are the general representation of bees. However, there are other bee species.

We also have wildlife management services that include the following: squirrel trapping, home damage repair, wildlife feces clean up, attic insulation, bat removal, getting rid of digging animals, rat control.

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Nassau County FL Wildlife Removal
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