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(Please call Neptune Beach FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 904-270-2413)

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We provide wildlife services for your Neptune Beach FL wildlife removal requirements on commercial agencies, facilities, establishments and households in Neptune Beach. Our range of services includes bird control, raccoon removal in attic, squirrel trapping, rodent control and other wildlife management needs. Just call our staff for inquiries.

• Bat exclusion professional
• Florida snake removal
• Wildlife animal trapper
• Neptune Beach FL critter control
• Removal of armadillos in homes


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Wildlife in Neptune Beach FL

Made up of 4.5 square miles water or 66%, with 2.3 square miles land, Neptune Beach is a well known beachfront destination just east of Jacksonville. It is one of consolidated beach community in the area, an independent city that has its own municipal government but vote for a mayor for Jacksonville. The area stretches into St.Johns County and Duval County, reaching into Vilano Beach in Navak Station Mayport. Some of its nature areas and parks frequented by locals include Russel Park, Adele Grage Community Center and Jarboe Park. However, being near marshland and nature preserves has drawn wildlife animals to form habitats in Neptune Beach.

Neptune Beach FL wildlife removal

Bat removal in Neptune Beach FL

Rabies coming from bats may also happen. If a bat bitten a part of your body, wash the affected area with water and soap. Make sure to call a medical staff so you can have yourself checked. If a Florida bat got into contact in your skin, apply similar precautionary procedures. By all accounts, you can establish some preventive procedures to prevent bats from entering. If a bat have already established a colony, calling a bat removal expert can prevent further eventualities like if the bats left some wastes or a person being bitten by bats.

Honey bees removal in Neptune Beach FL

As much as possible, let a professional work on bee control in your property in Neptune Beach. Bee stings causes serious injuries and you are putting your health at risk if you try to remove the bees. Wildlife companies can help you with your problems on honey bees, just give them a call. We have specialists on bee removal that can assist you, contact us today for details.

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Rat removal in Neptune Beach FL

The rats you usually in the sewers comes from a big rodent family called Muroidea. Part of the “rattus” genus, this rodents have the largest number and the most widely distributed mammal in the planet. There are other members of the rodent genera, but these are more known as ‘true rats’. In Neptune Beach, rats has always been a problem. Send a message to one of our staff for inspections and appointments.

Armadillo removal in Neptune Beach FL

You will mostly see armadillos in the United States southern states, where the climate is dry, warm and tropical. You will rarely see armadillos in states with extremely low temperatures. The armadillos can’t stand winter, as they wouldn’t be able to survive snowstorms since they don’t have insulating fur and fats in their body. For armadillo removal just call our number on the page.

We also provide wildlife services like raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, deer removal, home damage repair, attic insulation, and foul odor of animal removal, clean up of animal feces.

Wildlife control services near Neptune Beach Florida:

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Call today in Neptune Beach Florida for removal of nuisance animals such as raccoon, bats, opossum, squirrel, rats, bees, snakes, armadillos, wild hogs, honey bees and other wildlife species.

Neptune Beach FL Wildlife Removal
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