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Anytime Wildlife Removal is a family owned New Lenox IL Wildlife Removal Company working on skunk removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat removal and other rabid wildlife animals in New Lenox, Illinois. Don’t handle wild rabid animals if you have no such experiences – never take the chance to remove these wild creatures since this could lead to more life-threatening injuries or contact of viruses and rabies. Let the experts do the job – call us!

Photo credit: NatalieMaynor / Foter / CC BY

Located within the heart of Will County in Illinois, the New Lenox community speaks proudly of its major growth and development, yet maintaining its nature trails, preserves and open parks. In the midst of these lush forest and woodlots, New Lenox teems with wild and untamed animals like bats, squirrels and raccoons.

These undomesticated animals has caused problems many times to residents in New Lenox, with reports of raccoons settling in attics, squirrels hiding in kitchen cabinets and bats clinging in apartment ceilings. If you have rabid creatures staying in your house, don’t attempt to extract them on your own. Wild animals are too dangerous for inexperienced persons and can pose more harm than good. Instead, call a New Lenox IL Wildlife Removal professional to deal with the stray animal!

New Lenox IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in New Lenox IL

Raccoons are tree climbers, though they can also instinctively climb other sturdy foundations like power lines and house columns. A common query we receive from our New Lennox wildlife removal trunk line is this message: “Please help us remove the raccoons in our attic!”

We’re handling hundreds of calls a month on various wildlife removal problems in New Lenox and nearby cities in Illinois and raccoons inhabiting a house has been one of the most common problems that we encounter. Track N Trap provides raccoon removal and other wildlife removal services on New Lenox. Call us and we’ll get back to you immediately to solve the wildlife intrusion in your home.

Bat Removal in New Lenox IL

Deadly human diseases like Ebola and SARS were carried by bats, before these viruses were even transferred to humans. The unique body reservoir of bats make them immune on the various pathogen that they carry, allowing them to eat almost any disease-carrying-insect in the wild.

If you see microbats in your house, call a New Lenox IL Wildlife Removal company the soonest. Don’t make the mistake of other home owners which put off such problem. Even if the bat seems to be harmless and doing nothing, remember that bats living with humans is not their natural habitat. You can call Track N Trap if you need a New Lenox IL Bat Removal service in your area.

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in New Lenox IL

Squirrel Trapping in New Lenox IL

Photo credit: Dawn Huczek / Foter / CC BY

Squirrels are relatively small in size, measures just around 6-10 cm and weigh 8-10 grams. They are agile, flexible and slender – with an ability to squeeze their bodies in tiny holes, cracks and even pipes. Their jungle relatives include the woodchucks, chipmunks, marmots, beavers and dormouse. We often receive calls for squirrel trapping and squirrel removal in New Lenox IL.

The creature’s hind limbs stretches longer than their fore limbs when they snug their way in small places to hide, to store food or to build their habitat. They can rotate their hind limbs when moving vertically and can even go down head first in a tree. Squirrels don’t just roam in nature and can sometimes make their way into households. They considerably move fast when hunting food and known to be clever in finding places to store food in hard to reach places. We’ve received reports in New Lenox IL of squirrels forming habitat in attics, bedrooms and kitchen. They can be hard to catch and often return, so if you found squirrels in your home, it would be much better to call a New Lenox IL Wild Removal company!

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