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Do you require North Richland Hills wildlife removal for you estate, house, mansion, apartment or building, kindly send message to one of operators for inquiries and scheduled appointments. We have specialists on different wildlife species and animals. We understand the need of home owners and business owners for wildlife professionals with years of experience and just know what to do with rabid animals in case it becomes uncontrollable and dangerous. We can handle animals like possums, squirrel, beaver, bobcat, skunk, armadillo, bats, rats and raccoon.

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"North Richland Hills Watertower" by Smarty9108. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

“North Richland Hills Watertower” by Smarty9108. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in North Richland Hills

North Richland Hills is mostly made up of land, with 18.2 square miles; water is only at 0.04 square miles. Located in Tarrant County, it was founded in 1849 named from General Edward Tarrant. For more than a century, the area is made of mostly ranch, rural and agricultural farming. In the 1950’s, it was incorporated as a city after annexation of Richland Hills and the 268 acres or 1 km Jones Farm. Population grew throughout the years; wherein 2014 it already had approximately 67,000 residents. There’s more than 700 acres of park land and nature trails namely Clyde Zellers Park, Fossil Creek Park, Green Valley Community Park, Kay Granger Park, Liberty Park, Northfield Park, JoAnn Johnson Trail, Randy Moresi Trail and Walker’s Creek Trail.

North Richland Hills TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal

The squirrels mostly seen in North Richland Hills are tree squirrels as well as ground squirrels. Their natural habitats are woodlands and rainforests, but have since been seen quite often in urban parks and nature trails in the surrounding communities of Dallas Texas. These creatures have many types of groups and sub-species. The eastern grey squirrels and fox squirrels have a good number in the state. These squirrels belong to the main family of ‘Sciuridae’. The squirrels are small in size averaging 1.5 to 2.5 pounds, around 16 to 23 inches in length.

Raccoon removal in North Richland Hills

Raccoons have strong sharp claws and can damage home decors, furniture and house appliances. Some of the common places raccoons like to use as their den are attic, porch and unused chimneys. The garage and kitchen are also den grounds for the wildlife animal. If there’s a garden in your property, it can also rummage to some plants. They can also raid trash bin and garbage cans. Raccoons are omnivorous and can eat vegetation and animal meat. If you have a small pet, like birds or kitten, it can fall prey to raccoons.

Bat removal in North Richland Hills

Bats don’t just stay in caves, mountains and forest, but may also seek houses, buildings and bridges. Schools and campuses are also common roosting areas for bats. Gymnasiums, cafeteria, and even classrooms are also not safe. Bats will usually roost in a place which has been vacant for some period. Even a room or floor unoccupied for the weekend can attract bats. The flying mammal likes to roost in areas which can be close to their feeding ground such as an area with a lot of insects such as mosquitoes, flies and bugs.

Skunk removal in North Richland Hills Texas

Skunks have poor eye sight, which can be attributed to their very small bead like eyes. They have average size, around 21 to 32 inches in length, weighing on average from 5 to 16 pounds. The skunks have a well known physical trait, its black fur with spots or stripes of white fur which they have as soon they are born. Skunks are notoriously known by their anal gland emission of ill smelling yellow liquid. This odor is quite hard to remove in an area, room or house. Generic air fresheners usually don’t work, if at all just for a shorter period. Removing skunk odor is a frequent complaint we receive.

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Armadillo removal in North Richland Hills TX

The armadillos have very low metabolism which can be the reason why they have little fat in their body. Not able to store a lot of fat however makes the armadillos vulnerable to cold temperatures. They can’t stand winter regions and known to be in abundance in humid and semi tropical areas. The climate in Texas has made it attractive to armadillos; the reason armadillos have a significant population in the state.

Possum removal

Possums can carry as much as 12 baby possums in their pouch. They usually give birth to a lot of young which is usually weaned from 2 to 4 months. After that period, the young possums detach from the mother possums teat and then leaving the pouch. Adult possums can last 2 to 5 years. We frequently remove possums in North Richland Hills usually in houses and business establishments. Just contact our staff if you need assistance in the removal of possums.

Rat removal

Rats have always been considered as pests by North Richland Hills residents because of its capability to carry and transmit deadly diseases. The Center Disease Control listed more than a dozen diseases which rats can carry and transmit. Big cities and small communities around the country always have a problem in rat infestations. Killing rats with over the counter rat poison usually does not work for the long term. Dead rats will emit strong foul smell and just as big as sanitary and health concern.

Snake removal in North Richland Hills

A hypothesis on the ancestor of snakes is that it came from the extinct aquatic mosasaur from the Cretaceous period. These species have quite similar transparent eyelids which said to have evolved for its aquatic lifestyle. Through osmosis, the corneal water was lost, while eventually also losing the external ears due to marine living. This creature closely resembles the modern sea snakes and land snakes.

In addition, we also have wildlife expert work for house damage restoration, sealing of entry points, dead animal removal, clean-up of animal droppings, decontamination and removal of animal smell. If you require experts on other wildlife animals, we can also deal with bobcat, snakes, rats, birds, raccoon, skunk, beaver, armadillo, possum, squirrel, bats.

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