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(Please call O’Fallon IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-624-4516)

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Do you need assistance for O Fallon AL wildlife removal services to extract raccoon, beaver, opossum and rat from your household, please call our number? We provide wildlife management on nuisance animals and dangerous critters. Here are some common queries from O’Fallon residents:

* Need professional wildlife trapper
* Raccoon removal in OFallon
* Bat exclusion in St. Clair
* How to prevent squirrel entry
* Animal control expert

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Wildlife in O’Fallon Illinois

O’Fallon in Illinois is made up of 14.35 square miles or 99.1% land, with only 0.12 square miles or 0.9% water. Wildlife animals in the area can mostly be seen in the city’s open parks like the Hesse Park, O’Fallon Family Park and Rock Springs Nature Park.

O Fallon IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in O’Fallon IL

There are instances raccoons can be rabid. They can be violent. In O’Fallon Il, the raccoons we’ve removed and relocated are not as aggressive just like other Illinois raccoons. Be warned however, that raccoons by nature are wild and indigenous to the forest, so by instinct they will bring out their claws and show their teeth when they feel threatened. You may want to install raccoon proofing procedures to prevent its entry.

Squirrel Removal in O’Fallon IL

Squirrel Removal in O’Fallon Illinois

Photo credit: kennethkonica / Foter / CC BY-ND

Some residents we’ve met in Illinois would often have one idea of a squirrel such as the gray squirrel. However, there are other Illinois squirrels such as the red squirrel and fox squirrel. In fact, there’s also the flying squirrel, which jumps and fly from one tree branch to the other.

Bat Removal in O’Fallon IL

One of the common animals we’ve excluded in O’Fallon are bats. In particular, we’ve removed the species ‘microbats’ which has a large population in Illinois, with the state having large areas of forests and nature conservation.

Other O Fallon IL Wildlife Control Services

Skunk Removal in O’Fallon IL

Skunks seen in OFallon have different sizes and weights. The female Illinois skunk are bit lighter, around 2.5 pounds to an average of 8.5 pounds. The male skunk on the other hand is heavier somewhere from 3 pounds to around 11.5 pounds.

Beaver Removal in O’Fallon IL

If you suspect a beaver is in your property, it would be better to act immediately by calling a beaver removal company. The animal can be non-aggressive compared to other wildlife creatures, but the problem they bring is that their fond of cutting trees and building dams (causes flood).

Wildlife Control in Nearby Areas

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Indigenous animals do not belong in your house, but in the forests. Contact us for removal.

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