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Welcome to Olive Branch MS wildlife removal for exclusion and trapping of bats, beavers, skunk, mole animal, squirrels, armadillo, raccoon and other dangerous animals from the wild. Critters and wildlife animals can cause damages, drop feces and bring smelly bad odor. These creatures can be unsanitary and unhealthy to have around, inside your home or even just near your property. We’ve received frequent calls from garden owners who complained of damaged soil and dug up flowers.

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Wildlife in Olive Branch MS

Olive Branch which is made up of 36.2 square miles or 99.75% land and 0.1 square miles or 0.25% water, is located in Mississippi DeSoto County. However, Olive Branch is also part or considered a suburb of nearby Memphis Tennessee. The city has regularly seen rapid growth with several middle class families moving in and settling from downtown Memphis, which is only 5 miles away. Major cities near Olive Branch are Southaven on the west. The city has been known to have long standing small businesses which has operated in the past one or two decades. Northpoint Christian School and DeSoto County School is located within the city. In the past couple of years, several incidents of wildlife animal intrusions have been reported because of the continuous development in the area.

Olive Branch MS Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Olive Branch MS

The newborn raccoon can weigh 1.75 oz. to 2.25 oz. The baby animal already has fur according to their species. You can also notice the mask in the young raccoon’s face. The baby raccoon will need eleven days to fifteen days to develop and be able to slowly move. At around seventeen to twenty fifth day, the young animal opens their eyes and be able to see their surroundings. After a month it will be able to come out of the raccoon den. On the second month it will be able to accompany their mother raccoon. This can also be observed in raccoons you will find in Olive Branch.

Squirrel Removal in Olive Branch MS

You may notice the squirrels in Olive Branch like to find acorns and nuts on their own, but they can exhibit also social behavior. They can live closer with other species squirrels in places if there are a lot of fruits and seeds. In winter, they can also gather in groups for warmth. They’re not as territorial compared to other animals and can be friendly with other squirrels.

Bat Removal in Olive Branch MS

For bats to be able to reproduce an average of one pup every 1-3 years and still have the bats as the second most number in the world, makes you wonder about the bat’s survival traits. A bat like the ones in Olive Branch, don’t reproduce a lot of young in their lifetime, as compared to rats or other animals which can reproduce a lot of offspring in a season. The bats actually can delay pregnancy and fertility which is the reason they don’t reproduce a lot.

Other Olive Branch MS Wildlife Removal Services

Skunk Removal in Olive Branch MS

Photo credit: Out at Bob’s / Foter / CC BY

Skunk Removal in Olive Branch MS

The skunk has a formidable way to shield itself from predators. If you’ve noticed skunks in Olive Branch, they have this weird way of arching their back in front of another creature. This is actually a warning for the predator animal to go away. If it doesn’t, the skunk will raise its tail and direct it to the attacking animal to emit a strong awfully smelling liquid. This yellowish oil can also hurt the eyes, so it’s really dangerous to be near a skunk.

Beaver Removal in Olive Branch MS

The dams you often see in rivers or ponds in Olive Branch are created by beavers. It can average 6 – 9 feet, though there are cases the dams can be as high as 40 to 50 feet. An amazing fact about the dams is on the delicate and engineering like proficiency the beaver used to build the lodge. By using only the debris from the immediate environment like twigs, barks, branches, rocks, stones and mud, the beaver can build a dome.

Armadillo Removal in Olive Branch MS

There are cases in some news reports on armadillos causing car mishaps on the road. The reason has been the jumping reaction of armadillos whenever they are frightened. The nine banded and shelled armadillo would jump in the air about 2.5 feet to 4 feet. The animal’s jumping reaction has caused several instances of drivers swerving and causing minor accidents with other cars. In Olive Branch, become aware of armadillos, better yet have them controlled by a wildlife company.

Wildlife control services near Olive Branch MS

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Nests or dens are the usual refuge and shelter of wildlife animals. Call a wildlife removal company in Olive Branch Mississippi for removal of wildlife animals and their dens. You can call our staff for details.

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