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(Please call Orange Park FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 904-264-5555)

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If you need an Orange Park FL wildlife removal for your home, building or facility, just call our number on the page for quick assessment. We also provide wildlife services for businesses, establishments, stores, shops, offices and agencies. Some of the most common animals we handle include the following: animal moles, bats, armadillos, snakes, wild hogs, squirrels, fox, deer, coyotes, raccoons and bees. Some mammals, like rodent species may be hard to identify for the public, just dial our number for assistance.

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Photo credit: "OrangeParkCFL" by Excel23. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “OrangeParkCFL” by Excel23. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Orange Park

Orange Park is made up of 3.6 square miles of land and 1.7 square miles of water (31%). Located in Clay County, the town’s history started in 1890’s with its founding settlers naming the place to reflect the fruit growing industry of the area. This day, Orange County significantly grew and develops as a modern town. It currently has three public elementary schools, along with three senior high and two junior high. Several private schools are located in the city limits namely St. Johns River Community College and Fortis College. There are a couple of parks and recreational areas in the city namely Clarke House Park, Town Hall Park, Somer’s Sunshine Park, T.C. Miller Community Center, Town Skateboard Park and Orange Park Sports & Recreation.

Orange Park FL wildlife removal

Raccoon removal in Orange Park Florida

A raccoon rarely build their own den and would rather use an abandoned burrow of another animal or seek shelter into natural or manmade habitats. Some of the animal burrows which a raccoon use are from fox, woodchuck and skunk. For urbanized raccoons, or those species which are born in cities and suburbs, the places they use as shelter are attic, decks, crawlspace, chimneys, barns, shed and old vehicles. A raccoon can have more than one den in a certain home radius.

Squirrel removal in Orange Park FL

One of the best ways in wildlife control is prevention. For instance if a squirrel were able to establish their nest in your place, it may be difficult to remove the creature if they have grown in numbers. A significant step in wildlife entry prevention is changing or modifying some areas in your home. Squirrels can find ways to enter a house. They can squeeze in small tubes, pipes and holes. You may inquire about squirrel prevention from a wildlife company by dialing our number.

Coyote removal in Orange Park Florida

Tracing its roots from the gray wolf, the modern species of coyote can be seen in almost all states in the country (except with extreme cold temperatures). The coyote is said to be highly social creature as it can be with its coyote family or even with non related packs of coyotes.

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Honey bees removal in Orange Park FL

Do you like to know more about honey bees? Studying honey bees is called melittology. The honey bees are actually just a little percentage of more than twenty thousand bee species. Known to be ‘true honey bees’, they store honey and build their home from wax.

Muskrat removal in Orange Park

The brown rats actually belong to the genus named ‘rattus’. The muskrats, though it has likeness in physical traits and behavior of rodents, isn’t part of ‘true rats’. Muskrats belong to another sub family of rodents which also include the voles.

For other Orange Park FL wildlife company services we have sanitation, bad odor removal, house restoration, insulation replacement, wild hog removal, crawlspace clean-up and decontamination of rooms.

If you can’t identify a creature, call us, we also remove bat, birds, raccoon, opossum, snake, rats, hogs, fox removal, honey bees management, squirrel, coyote, deer, mole.

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