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(Please call Ozark AL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 334-774-4633)

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Remove dangerous critters from your house with the help of our wild animal experts. We’re local Ozark AL wildlife removal company that provides wildlife management on animals that include beaver, squirrel, armadillo, raccoon and other creatures. Here are the frequent queries we receive:

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The city is made up of a lot of land approximately t 34.2 square miles or 99.3% land, with just 0.7% or 0.2 square miles water. An Army Aviation’s flight training base can be seen in the area, the Fort Rucker. Recent news of wildlife intrusions though has been reported. This is understandable from the wide areas of woods, forest and trees around Ozark.

Ozark AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Ozark AL

Where do raccoons usually live? We’ve often asked by this question in Alabama. Well, the raccoon animal basically live in burrows, tree hollows or fissures. They usually do not build their home and would rather occupy old homes of skunks, fox or woodchucks. Sometimes they also enter houses, estates and apartments especially in winter.

Squirrel Removal in Ozark Alabama

Ozark has three squirrels mostly seen in dense tree areas and forests. The bushy gray squirrel in particular brings a lot of problems to orchard owners. This squirrel likes to enter gardens and pick flower bulbs of vegetables. Sometimes they carry around some walnuts and acorns and they swap these with the bulbs so they can hide their gathered food items in preparation for winter. There are ways to prevent squirrels from entering gardens and houses.

Bat Removal in Ozark Al

The winged small wildlife animal bats can be seen in most counties in Alabama. Their wings are made from patagia membranes which have no fur. This membrane extends into their long forelimbs, as well as to their body and their legs. They have another membrane that connects the tail to their small hind legs. If there are bats in your home, call our number to remove it.

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Armadillo Removal in Ozark AL

The armadillos frequently seen in Ozark Al share are not different from the nine banded species in central and south part of the country. The armadillos mostly have fully developed and sturdy claws, which they use in digging. They sometimes enter backyards which present problems to house owners. We can help you remove the armadillo, just call us.

Skunk Removal in Ozark Alabama

Skunks in Ozark are similar with skunks that can be seen just like in other southern states. The skunks we’ve removed are average in length, somewhat in the same weight and body just like household cats. Female skunks however are small. Male skunks from Alabama are bigger. For skunk removal, call our number.

Beaver Removal in Ozark AL

Photo credit: stevehdc / Foter / CC BY-SA

Beaver Removal in Ozark Al

A problem that can be caused by a dome (created by a beaver) is that it can block water in a creek. This means stagnant water that can bring different problems such as foul smell and lying of mosquito eggs. Flooding can also happen from a beaver dam.

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If you don’t act on the intrusions of a wild critter, this may create problems such house damages. Get help from a removal specialist.

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