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We’re a local Palatka FL wildlife removal company that specializes on removal, trapping, relocation and transfer (to natural habitats) of different dangerous wildlife species. We can handle animals like snakes, mole animal, wild hogs, nutria, armadillo, raccoon, deer, squirrels, bats, honey bees and more. Please call our number for immediate assistance and appointments of a wildlife animal problem.

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"PalatkaFLColl" by Excel23. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “PalatkaFLColl” by Excel23. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Palatka

Palatka has a total area of 7.5 square miles and Putnam County’s seat capital. The city currently has the headquarters of River Water Management and the St. Johns River State College. It also has the Ravine Gardens State Park which is a popular place for local festivals and fairs. Two of the common festivals in the city are Blue Crab Festival and Florida Azalea Festival. There are several popular parks and nature areas in Palatka, namely the Ravine Gardens State Park, James C. Godwin Riverfront Park, Veteran’s Memorial Park and Hank Bryan Park. The local government has consistently pushed for ecotourism in Palatka and this can be seen in the numerous nature trails, waterways, camping grounds, picnic grove and hiking paths. Some of the popular hiking trails in the area include Etoniah Creek State Forest, Welaka State Forest and Ocala National Forest.

Palatka FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Palatka Florida

Squirrels are persistent creatures. This is the main reason you see squirrels enter your home a couple many times. These furry wildlife animals have the ability to jump from 8-10 feet. So if there are trees near your attic or any other room in your house upper floor, you may want to cut the branches at least 10-12 feet away to prevent the squirrels from hopping into your roof.

Raccoon removal in Palatka FL

Unlike other wildlife animals, a raccoon will not build their den from scratch. The raccoon would often seek a vacant nest from another wildlife animal. This can be a woodchuck’s burrow or a fox den. If an abandoned wouldn’t be available, the raccoon will use the hollow of a log, timber or tree. A raccoon can have a few other den sites in the span of their home range. Raccoons however maybe pushed to city life and would seek abandoned cars, warehouse and barns. Attics are also a common raccoon den and this becomes a problem to home owners.

Fox removal in Palatka FL

Fox has outlying subspecies that include the gray fox, bat eared fox and the island fox. This wildlife animal can be seen not just in North America but in other continents as well except the coldest regions. The fox can also be seen in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. In Palatka Florida, we’ve removed several species or kinds of fox.

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Honey bees removal in Palatka Florida

Bee species can number to as much as 20,000 and the honey bee is just one of them. The honey bees on the other hand number to around seven known species, out of which forty four sub species exist. These bees came from the family tribe named Apis.

River rat removal in Palatka FL

This wildlife animal that mostly lives in wetlands and banks near ponds or river is also known as coypu. It is semi water, larger rodent that feed on water plants. It can be destructive as a burrowing species that can damage gardens and orchards. If seen closely, it has somewhat of big orange teeth, with a physical appearance similar to a large rat and a beaver (with smaller tail). The average size is around 5-9 kg in weight and 45-62 cm in length.

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