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Welcome to Palm Coast FL wildlife removal company for all your wildlife management assistance on dangerous animals like armadillo, possum, snake, rats and squirrels. If you need a professional in the first coast in Florida to deal with wildlife creatures, just send us a message for appointments. Other animals we can handle include coyotes, fox, birds, bats, bees, raccoons, deer and fox. Call if you can’t identify a nuisance animal that invaded your home.

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Photo credit: "Princessplace". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia.

Photo credit: “Princessplace”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia.

Wildlife in Palm Coast

Palm Coast is made up mostly land with 50.7 square miles, with water only 0.98 square miles (1.9%). Located in Flagler County, the city has extensive areas of parks and nature trails. It has thirteen open parks that provide space for recreational activities and relaxation for the public. Some of the frequently visited places are Browser Belle Terre Park, Birds of Paradise Nature Preserve, Fishing Central Park, Palm Coast Community Center, Long Creek Nature Preserve, Palm Harbor Golf Club, St. Joe Walkway and Waterfront Park.

Palm Coast FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Palm Coast Florida

How many times have you seen squirrels enter your home? If these furry little creatures seem to come back time and again in your place, it may be time to start applying modifications in some areas in your house. These changes can be small to large modifications depending on your structure and the level of problem the squirrel have been bringing into your household. You can ask a wildlife company on steps that you can take to prevent further entry of squirrels.

Raccoon removal in Palm Coast FL

The raccoon often would seek unused burrows of other animals like a skunk, fox or woodchuck. They can also use deep hollows of trees, timber or log. These happen most of the time in the forest. However, if a raccoon wouldn’t be able to find a natural habitat in the wild, they can travel to a nearby community or neighborhood. The raccoon can also use sheds, garage, barns, attic, porch, crawlspace, decks and chimneys. It is quite common for a single raccoon to have several dens within their home range.

Coyote removal in Palm Coast Florida

The coyote’s ancestors have a relationship with the gray wolf, with modern subspecies of coyote emerging in North America. This wildlife creature is versatile, in a sense that it can live with family of coyotes or with totally unrelated species.

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Honey bees removal in Palm Coast FL

The genus Apis is the name of the group which honey bees represent. The honey bees actually have many other species and sub species, but the Apis group is what the experts call the ‘true honey bees’ since they represent the main characteristics of honey collecting and colony creation from wax.

Muskrat removal in Palm Coast Florida

Muskrat removal in Palm Coast Florida

Muskrat removal in Palm Coast Florida

With more than 140 species from sub group of Arvicolinae, the muskrat share similar physical and physiological of rodents. In fact the muskrat are sometimes referred simply as ‘rats’. However, muskrats are not included to the genus “rattus” which are ‘true rats’.

Mole animal removal in Palm Coast FL

This wildlife mammal lives mostly underground where it digs soil to search for ground insects. With a small to average body size, it is cylindrical in shape, with velvety hair. It has very small eyes and ears. The mole often seen in Palm Coast has short hind limbs, though more powerful than it seems which it uses a lot to dig. The species associated with moles is under the family of Talpidae which is referred as the ‘true moles’. These burrowing species can be seen mostly in North America, as well as some regions in Europe, Africa and Asia.

We also provide the following wildlife removal services: dead animal removal, home repairs, mole animal removal, installs new insulation, attic clean up, deodorization and animal waste removal.

You may also contact us for other wildlife animals like squirrel, bat removal, armadillo, raccoon trapping, coyote, opossum, fox, snake, bees, wild hogs, deer, mole, river rats, and nutria.

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