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For assistance on Palm Valley FL wildlife removal, please call one of our staff through our hotline for Palm Valley. Our commitment is to provide the cost-effective solutions to wildlife animal problems of homes and establishments. Contact us right now for animal removal questions and requests for appointments.

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Palm Valley FLWildlife in Palm Valley Florida

Earlier known as an Indian village before the arrival of Spanish conquerors, Palm Valley is located in St.Johns County in Florida. The area initially has a lot of farms, logging areas, and wood lots. Raising cattle is one of the main activities in the place. With lines of palm trees, early settlers eventually gave the name ‘Palm Valley’ to the area. One of the most serene and peaceful community in the beach region in Jacksonville, it is compose of mostly land at 13.4 square miles of land, with only 0.6 square miles of water. Being near surrounding forests and nature areas, Palm Valley has its share of problems on nuisance animal intrusions from wildlife animals and species.

Palm Valley FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Palm Valley FL

Squirrels can find entry points in hard to see places. In fact, unless you’ve done a complete home inspection, you’ll never know that a Florida squirrel could have entered a pipe, tube or small hole. The best practice is to always have a general inspection once or twice a month so you will know if your home is squirrel proof. If you need assistance on squirrel inspection, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Armadillo removal in Palm Valley FL

Armadillos can regularly be seen in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. The animal has mostly concentrated in south states where the temperature is just right for their body. The armadillos don’t have thick fur to help them stand the cold, so they rather stay in regions with warm climates. This has been the case on the armadillos in Palm Valley. The creature likes to stay in hot, warm, dry places. Sometimes, some home owners see armadillos in the kitchen.

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Rat removal in Palm Valley FL

Known as the ‘rattus norvegicus’, the brown rats is a member of the Muroidea family of rodents. This rodent genus has many any sub families and has similar rodent traits. The brown rats however are part of ‘true rats’ which what members of the genus rattus are called. Most residents in Palm Valley have trouble with rats since the animal causes damages. Rat control needs a holistic approach, meaning you sometimes need a combination of methods to completely eliminate and prevent rats.

Honey Bees removal in Palm Valley FL

The honey bees are a species of bees that collects honey. For a house owner, it would be hard to know the difference between a sting honey bee and a sting-less honey bee. It’s more ideal to manage the bees in your garden before they grow into uncontrollable situation. In Palm Valley, bees sometimes appear unexpectedly from nowhere. It can disrupt a picnic or an outdoor playing time by children. If the bees seem to always return; you may have to call wildlife professional on bees removal.

We also provide the following wildlife company services: raccoon removal, feces clean up, bat removal, attic decontamination, rat prevention, mice control, deer removal, coyote removal.

For other animals we also remove the following: deer, birds, coyote, wild hogs, rats, raccoons, skunk, fox, snakes, mole animal, bats, armadillo, opossum, honey bees, squirrel and other dangerous species.

We provide full wildlife services such as animal waste clean-up, dead animal retrieval, house repair, install attic insulation, wildlife prevention, sanitation, foul smell removal, home restoration and blocking of entry points.

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Palm Valley FL Wildlife Removal
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