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(Please call Pearl MS Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 601-939-7000)

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We provide assistance for Pearl MS wildlife removal for apartments, facilities, stores, businesses, establishments and households in Pearl Mississippi. Bring a safe and ethical solution to your problem on wildlife animal intrusions. We don’t just remove the animal from your home, but ensure it will be relocated or transferred to its natural habitat. We always strive for humane removal of the animals. Government or state laws require relocation of wildlife creatures for conservation purposes. As a wildlife company we also strive to provide helpful information for proper wildlife management in the community.

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Wildlife in Pearl MS

Pearl is within Rankin County and is located in the east of Pearl River, which is near the state’s capital, Jackson. Pearl is composed of majority of land at 21.8 square miles, with only 0.2 square miles of water. Other nearby towns and communities are Brandon, Flowood and Richland. Pearl has several scenic parks and nature paths like Bright Park, City Park, Jenkins Park, Old Library Walking Trail, Henry F. Shepherd Field Walking Trail, Center City Walking Trail and Pearl Municipal Golf Course.

Pearl MS Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Pearl MS

Raccoons are one of the most common wildlife animals that enter households in Pearl Mississippi. They have significant population on all the states and can mostly be seen throughout the U.S. There are many factors why raccoons maintain their population. Some of these are they’re omnivorous diet (able to adjust to food sources), thick fur (able to survive winter), fierce nature, cleverness, reproductively and adaptability in the home.

Squirrel Removal in Pearl MS

What are the general behaviors of squirrels? If you observe them closely, you will see the young squirrels live with their young bay squirrels in their nests. These are female squirrels or the mother animal, which by instinct taking care of the babies. The male squirrels are often far, sometimes gathering food. We remove squirrels in Pearl Mississippi, call us now.

Bat Removal in Pearl Mississippi

The average life span of a bat you will see in Pearl is from 5 to 35 years. The flying mammal is known to live long if you compare them with other animals in the wild. A particular characteristic of a mother bat is to wait for a good season to give birth to their offspring. That means a female bat don’t usually give birth during winter when the weather is harsh and the food supply scarce. They will wait for spring or summer. They will first find a warm safe roost that is near food source or there are a lot of insects.

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Other Pearl MS Wildlife Removal Services

Skunk Removal in Pearl MS

Some people think that when a skunk starts to arch its back, the animal is stretching its muscles or joints. You can see this physical habit in cats where it arches their back. But for the skunk, it is not stretching. If the Pearl Mississippi skunk arch its back in front of another animal (dog, cat or another animal), move away. Even so if the skunk arch its back in front you or your child, you have to step back and go another direction. The skunk’s arching back is actually a warning for a predator to go away. If it doesn’t move away, the skunk will spray a liquid by pointing its tail into the attacker. This liquid has a bad smell and can hurt the eyes. We remove skunks in Pearl, call now.

Beaver Removal in Pearl MS

The lodge or dam of beavers can have an average height of 7 to 10 feet and usually located across water streams. The dome like refuge is made of rocks, wood, barks, branches, twigs and mud. If you notice a beaver, it will first look for a good starting spot to build the foundation or flooring of the dam. This starting point is usually on a logjam or the area where there are already constricting debris on the water. This makes it easy for the beaver to pile and fill the dam, with the materials it will gather. We remove beavers in Pearl Mississippi, contact us today.

Armadillo Removal in Pearl MS

Armadillos in Pearl can easily be affected by extreme temperatures. During summer, they are susceptible to loss of water, the reason they need to drink a lot near pond, river or lake. The armadillos can’t stand winter because they don’t have a lot of fat in the body. The shelled like armor in their body is not that thick and usually connected to their skin. Armadillos also don’t have a thick fur, which can help animals survive the cold. This is the reason you will not see armadillos in the northern part of the U.S.

Wildlife control services near Pearl MS

Pearl Mississippi, Rankin County, 39208, Brandon, Center City Walking Trail, Flowood, Trustman Park, Henry Shepherd Walking Trail, Pearl High School, Richland, Old Library Walking Trail, Hinds Community College, Florence, Jenkins Park, Pearl Junior Hign School, Pelahatchie, Jackson-Evers International Airport, Puckett, City Park, Pearl Lower Elementary School, Cross Roads, Bright Park, Fannin, Northside Elementary, Goshen Springs, Pearl Activity Center, Pearl Upper Elementary, Greenfield, Center City Complex, Faith Academy, Gulde, Park Place Christian Academy, Johns, Leesburg, Piney Woods, Sandhill, Star, Whitfield, Pearl Municipal Golf Course.

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Aside from animal removal wildlife control services also include trapping, prevention, proofing, insulation and repair. Consult one of our wildlife removal professionals in Pearl Mississippi today.

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