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For a store owner, there’s nothing more difficult than to deal with wildlife animal intrusions in your establishment, office and facility. The same can be said for all residents in Pelham. Skunks, beavers, opossums, rats, bats, rodents and other wildlife creatures can scare people away. Untamed mammals should never be allowed to enter residential properties since such creatures can transmit viruses and can also cause damages to household furniture and appliances. Having received requests to extend our range, I am happy to announce that we’re now opening our lines for Pelham NH wildlife removal and wildlife control in Pelham New Hampshire.

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Wildlife in Pelham

Pelham is sometimes a refuge for wildlife creatures, and most of them can be seen in several of its hiking trails, greens and play fields. Muldoon Park is a familiar playground for ground squirrels, beavers, and chipmunks, as some can be seen running around and picking up food from the forest grounds. Several birds and bats can be seen flying in Pelham Skate Park, within the soccer field and golf courses. Interesting to note that city construction and development displaced some of the species, forcing them to seek their food and find new nests in nearby suburbs and neighborhoods in Pelham.

Pelham NH Wildlife Removal Services

Beaver Removal in Pelham NH

When we remove beavers, we’re often asked about their dams. Beavers are known for having dams so they’ll have an easier way to avoid predators from the wild. The beaver mostly dwell in a ‘lodge’ or burrow that has an underwater entrance especially if the river or lake becomes deep. Beavers use tree branches, grass, mud and rocks for their dams.

Flying Squirrel Removal in Pelham NH

Have you ever wondered how flying squirrels breed? They mostly call out or search for mates around the end of the cold season, around February and March. The mother flying squirrel gives birth to their young and lives with them on their built maternal nest. The mother is the only one that takes care, protect and nurture the baby animal, without the need of the male. The female flying squirrel help the young flying squirrel until it is strong enough to leave the nest and forage on its own.

Raccoon Removal in Pelham NH

Here are some short facts about raccoons. Raccoons are said to have poor ability to differentiate colors, owing to their color blind trait. However, they’re known to recognize mostly green shades and can see quite well in the dark. Aside from the raccoon’s color blindness, their known to be nearsighted and have trouble seeing in long distances. So if you see a raccoon from afar in your backyard, the animal doesn’t see you clearly, but will most likely feel threatened if it moves closer.

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Our other Pelham NH Wildlife Control Services

Bat Exclusion and Bat Removal

Most of the bats we remove in Pelham are insectivores, which primarily subsist on insects like flies, mosquitoes, bugs and spiders. The bats have a special way to locate the insects, mostly through echolocation. Around 75% of bats species have insects as their main source, while the rest exists on fruits, blood or small mammal vertebrates.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal in Pelham NH

Photo credit: Genista / Foter / CC BY-SA

How do squirrels survive in the jungle? These small and fury creatures mostly live through food items that are rich in carbohydrates, protein and fats. Their all time favorites are fruits, conifer cones, flower bulbs, seeds and nuts, which they store brimming full in different places. In Pelham, frequent complaint we hear is on how squirrels uses appliances, machines or cabinets as their food storage.

Skunk Removal

Skunk intrusions in Pelham are mainly through the kitchen, often they enter through the pet door. The skunks are omnivores, but if they can’t find enough food outdoors, they will go inside households. The wildlife animal can also eat pet food by your dog or cat if they see some left over items on the food bowl.

Opossum Removal

If you see an opossum in your place, most often it is a ground animal. However, there are different types of opossum species. Not all are pure ground creatures, for instance the Chironectes minimus is also aquatic, because of its webbed hind limbs. However, majority of the opossum species are adaptable on land and roam in bushes, trees and woodlots.

Muskrat Removal

Here are some facts on muskrats. The most common color of muskrats is black or brown, with the area in their belly almost always having a lighter shade. If you’ve seen muskrats frequent enough, they can also display the color of old age, as some parts of their fur turns into gray.

Mole Removal

The subterranean wildlife animal mole can be called with various names. The group of moles can be called ‘labour’, which is a representation on how the creature continuously digs throughout their waking hours. The female moles are also called ‘sows’, while for the male moles, they’re also called ‘boars’.

Rat Removal

Rat Removal in Pelham NH

Photo credit: blondinrikard / Foter / CC BY

The rats are known as ‘commensals’ which are described as species who survive by living near humans. Commensals are opportunistic and take advantage of leftover food, uncovered food items and food in storage rooms. Rat control is one of our frequent calls from stores, shops and cafes in Pelham.

Groundhog Removal

If you’ve observed groundhogs, they like to retreat to their burrows often. They’re highly territorial and known to defend their burrows if an invading animal enter. The groundhog uses its front and two front incisors to fight the animal invader or a human for that matter. You might want to call a groundhog removal specialist if you like to remove a groundhog.

Bird Removal

Most of the bird species that you see in Pelham have established breeding areas, primarily after being introduced by people. Though most were deliberately introduced, there were times birds established habitat by accident after it escaped captivity from owners. Birds can be difficult control and you may need the help of bird removal professional to do it effectively.

We recommend that you call a local wildlife removal company in Pelham New Hampshire, as soon as you discover a wildlife animal in your house. Also, if you have a business establishment, it is more important if to call an expert to remove the indigenous creature immediately. Contact us in our number below for details, questions and appointment schedules in Pelham NH.

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