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If you need Pembroke NH wildlife removal and wildlife control management in Pembroke New Hampshire and nearby cities in Manchester NH, you can call Bestway Wildlife Control. We’re local wildlife exclusion professionals providing removal services on beaver, raccoon, skunk, groundhog, muskrat, bird, squirrel, mole, flying squirrel, opossum, rat, bat and more.

Wildlife in Pembroke

The 23 square mile area of Pembroke is mostly made of land. There’s approximately 22.8 square miles of land in Pembroke NH, with only 0.2 square miles of water. Merrimack and Suncook rivers primarily drain the town, with the 1,000 feet sea level elevation of Plausawa Hill as the highest point in the city. Greens, nature, trees, shrubs, woods and landscapes surround the area and a regular habitat to wildlife animals in Pembroke.

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Pembroke NH Wildlife Removal Services

Some of the calls we often receive from Pembroke NH include removal procedures on raccoons, beavers and flying squirrels. For instance we once received a call to extract a raccoon which has been staying in a home owner’s garage for almost two weeks. It took him a while to find a local wildlife control company until a friend referred our number to him. Other services we provide in Pembroke NH are squirrel removal, bat removal and mole removal.

Pembroke NH Wildlife Control Services

Digging animals like groundhogs, skunks and muskrats has been a problem recently for several flower garden and orchard owners. Such animals have damaged a lot of soil and plants, a continuing problem for residents. Opossums and rats on the other hand have caused anxiety in some households after some were found to inhabit underground. In the past month, we had five bird removal and bird management services to Pembroke residents.

Manchester NH wildlife removal

If you’re in the surrounding area of Manchester NH, we also provide the following wildlife control procedures: raccoon removal in Manchester NH, opossum removal, Manchester NH squirrel removal, flying squirrel removal in Manchester NH and mole removal in Manchester NH.

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Wildlife control requires licenses, gears and safety procedures, that’s why state laws prohibit the general public from handling indigenous creatures. Call our number for a professional wildlife removal company right now if you have questions on methods, practices and price quotes.

Pembroke NH Wildlife Removal
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