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Wildlife in Phenix City Alabama

The city has been called once by Business Week in 2007, as the Top Affordable Suburb where you can raise a family. The area has parts in Russell County and Lee County in Alabama. Phenix City is made up of majority of land at 24.6 square miles at 99.4% land. The city has a rich history having known to be the place, where it has the Civil War’s Last Battle. Phenix has one of the highest temperatures in Alabama. It has a majority of humid subtropical climate which has been one of the significant factors for the thriving of several wild animals like armadillo, beavers, skunks, squirrels, bats and raccoons.

Phenix City AL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Phenix City AL

A squirrel that can be found in Phenix City is the Alabama tree squirrels. These squirrels have somewhat of a yellowish rust color on their fur. Other colors that can be found in their fur include black, orange and reddish brown hair. Squirrels can be rabid and wild, so it’s not advisable to let them stay in a property for long.

Bat Removal in Phenix City Alabama

Phenix City bats you’ll discover in and around Alabama are smaller species of the flying mammal. Their non-furry wing membranes extend from the body to other parts. The wings are connected to their legs, as well as to the limbs, in some sort of an umbrella or a parachute.

Raccoon Removal in Phenix City AL

In Phenix City, the raccoons share similar traits with the raccoons in southern states. The animals usually have broad feet, which enable them to walk with the undersurface of their feet just like a bear. The way the raccoon walk is called ‘plantigrade’. Raccoons present many problems such as intruding Phenix homes and establishments at night. Alabama raccoons are nocturnal.

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Beaver Removal in Phenix City AL

The beavers you’ll find in Phenix City have webbed and large feet, which extend to an aquatic scaled paddle tail. The Phenix beaver’s brown fur in their body, which can vary into dark brown and black brown. Dark color can usually be seen towards their tail, while their belly has light fur. As they prepare to swim, some type of oil is emitted, which helps as a waterproofing thick liquid for the fur and body.

Skunk Removal in Phenix City Alabama

Skunk Removal in Phenix City Alabama

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Skunks have glands in their tail, which opens up to emit an ill odor. In Phenix City, foul smelling skunks are big problems. These glands usually have around 1 or 2 spoons of an oily, thick, yellow liquid which stores on the gland, ready to be sprayed. They secrete this when the skunks feel they are in danger. Phenix homeowners face frequent problems from the stinky animal.

Armadillo Removal in Phenix City AL

Alabama shelled armadillos in Phenix City can be traced as far back as the middle part of the century. The armadillos can mostly be seen in around 70% of the state of Alabama. The nine band animals are believed to have traveled from the west, believed to be from Texas.

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