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Welcome to Plano TX wildlife removal for all your nuisance animal problems and wildlife management assistance for estates, mansions, businesses, facilities, households, buildings, apartments, stores and offices in Plano Texas. We’re experienced wildlife professionals that offer full wildlife company services that range from animal litter removal, wildlife waste cleanup, foul odor removal, home damage repair, wildlife animal trapping, sanitation, cleaning and decontamination. We have experts on raccoon, squirrels, bats, bobcat, armadillo, possum and other wildlife species. Call us now for your inquiries.

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Photo credit: "Plano October 2015 09 (Haggard Park)" by Michael Barera. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “Plano October 2015 09 (Haggard Park)” by Michael Barera. CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Plano

Plano Texas is made up of mostly land at 71.6 square miles land, with 0.1 square miles of water. Located in Collin County, it is Texas ninth populated city, with small areas that is part of Denton County. It has several of the biggest corporations such as HP, Dr Pepper Snapple, Alliance Data, Traxxas, Dell, Pizza Hut, Toyota and JC Penney. The city has gained several important recognitions from major news agencies. The place has been voted several times in CNN Money Magazine to be one of the best places to live in America. It has also been recognized as one of the safest cities in the U.S. (by Forbes) and one of the wealthiest cities in the country. The city is also widely recognized for being the tenth best place for education in America in 2014. Plano has an extensive parks and nature preservation despite its significant city growth. Some of the notable nature areas for visit are the 800-acre Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve and the 320-acre Bob Woodruff Park. There are also recreational centers which locals frequently visit namely Oak Point, Tom Muehlenbeck, Carpenter Park, Douglass Community and Jack Carter Park and Liberty Recreation Center.

Plano TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal

There are several common species of squirrels in Plano. One of them is “Tamias”, a genus of the chipmunks, which is a subspecies of the wildlife creature. These species spend most of the time in trees and known to be the closest to the general type of squirrels found in Texas. Most experts consider chipmunks as a separate tribe of squirrels. These wildlife animals however are not your typical pet and shouldn’t be treated as one. Some kids found chipmunks and squirrels to be cute and furry with their striped soft brown fur. These can carry different of parasites however on their body and should not be allowed near people.

Raccoon removal in Plano TX

Raccoons have displayed their capabilities to live and adapt in rural settings. There have been urbanized raccoons in Plano, and have also  been common in many cities and states in the United States. It has since learned to co-exist with people as you might have seen some raccoon roaming in open parks, sports fields and nature trails. Some of the urbanized raccoons can also be seen in rummaging in garbage cans and trash areas searching for food. They can be seen going over thrown away food from restaurants and food shops. Raccoons may also enter households and apartments, sometimes opening doors and even windows.

Bat removal in Plano TX

A common type of bats in Texas are the microbats, which are small bats that primarily feed on bugs, flies, mosquitoes and other type of insects. Other types of food by the microbats include spiders, small birds, lizards and frogs. The microbats have range of species, with some being purely insectivores, while there are other that feed on blood of animals. The size of microbats can be from 4 to 17 centimeters, depending on the sub species. The size of the microbats makes them one of the common nuisance animal intruders in houses, buildings and establishments. It may not be a good idea to let some bats stay in your place for a longer period as it can leave wastes or guanos that can turn into fungi and then transmit diseases to people.

Skunk removal in Plano

Recent studies of skunks in Texas have so far shown how it starts in mating season in late winter and early spring. There are some discoveries however on how skunks breed. Biologists in Angelo State said in their findings on how the male skunks would sometimes risk crossing major Highways and intersections just so they can seek a female skunk on another area. These apply to most of the common species of skunks in the State such as the spotted, hooded, and striped and hog nosed skunks. Studies estimate skunk population in Texas to be in the range of a million.

Armadillo removal in Plano TX

The armadillos can easily be seen almost everywhere in Texas. It can be seen on the side road, open parks, campuses and even in lawn. Armadillos can present many problems to residents because of the unsanitary sighting of the wildlife animal. Recent news came on a Texas man who shot a nine banded armadillo, only for the bullet to bounce on the armadillo’s bony back and ricochet hitting the man’s face. The man said he had seen a lot of armadillos in the highway. Shooting armadillos can be a quick fix for some residents but it can be dangerous it would be better to call wildlife professional.

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Beaver removal in Plano Texas

Beaver can easily build their lodge or dam, showing some of its architectural skill to a lot of people. It can bring many problems however such as tree damages and flooding. This wildlife animal is one of the most difficult wildlife animals to control since it returns time and again to persist and build their dams. There are many areas in the city which beavers can penetrate such as golf courses, parks and estate mansions. The animal’s sharp teeth can quickly gnaw into wood, barks and timber.

Possum removal in Plano TX

Possums can be seen in almost all counties in Texas. It shares similar traits to rodents and can easily adapt to the living places of people such as houses, apartments and buildings. It mostly depends on moisture and wooded environments, as it can be seen in residences near farms, barns and prairies. It also likes to roam in areas with vegetation and cattle tanks. Possums may also find themselves in urban and rural areas.

Rat removal in Plano TX

Recent news came out on the possible re-emergence of the rare 1940’s disease ‘Murine Typhus’ which is said to be transmitted by fleas on rats. The disease said to have been eradicated in the 1950’s but have came out in Texas, where it hospitalized around 20 people since July 2015. Fleas usually come in contact with rats and rodents. We’ve had a reported increase on calls to remove rats and rodent control in recent weeks particularly near edges of town and rolling hills.

Snake removal in Plano TX

The Texas rat snake does not have deadly venom and one of the non- venomous colubrid seen in the U.S. It is one of the common species of snake we’ve encountered in the state, particularly in communities near and surrounding Dallas. Aside from Plano, the Texas rat snake can also be seen in other states like Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. It is actually a subspecies of the Elaphe obsoleta, with further extending varieties. The scientific name of the Texas rat snake is ‘Elaphe obsoleta lindheimeri’, which was named to Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer, a naturalist who collected the specimen New Braunfels Texas.

Other wildlife animals we remove include bobcat, snakes, squirrel, beaver, bats, rats, opossum, raccoons, birds, armadillo, skunk and other dangerous wild species. For full wildlife services, we also provide decontamination, house damage repair, animal carcass removal, clean animal wastes, sealing of entry points, sanitation, remove animal smell.

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